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Gun of The Month

Best Rifle Scopes of 2020

shoot guns in vegas

Rifle scopes come in countless styles, configurations, and price points. Finding one that fits your budget and your needs really depends on your preferences. Do you need a short-range scope for home defense and close-up targets? A long-range scope for hunting and competition? A scope that fits various situations? No matter what, there is a…

Mg42 Features, Specs, and History


Prior to the introduction of the Maschinengewehr 42, or MG42 for short, the German military deployed the MG34. The MG34 was an intricate and lightweight machine gun that could be easily carried by one soldier in the field of battle. However, the nuanced design and feathery weight of the MG34 began to present problems when…

Ak-47 Features, Specs, and History


Back in 1941, during the height of the Battle of Bryansk, a young Soviet tank driver named Mikhail Kalashnikov found himself in the hospital recovering from wartime injuries. While he mended, he began drawing up plans for a new type of battle rifle that could provide the suppressive fire support of a traditional, two-man machine…

G36 Features, Specs and History


Heckler and Koch, commonly referred to as H&K among shooting enthusiasts, has a legacy of creating firearms that are exceptional. In fact, they have been adopted by armies from around the world as standard issue troop weapons. The H&K G3 was created in the late 1950s and still serves admirably today. But some three decades…

Mp5 Features, Specs, and History


The German “Maschinenpistole 5,” or MP5 as it is commonly called, is an iconic weapon that has seen use on virtually all continents over the past fifty years. If you’re a fan of cop movies, action flicks, or you’ve seen real action as a member of an armed forces unit, odds are that the profile…

Gun of the Month: Glock 43 Single Stack 9mm

Las Vegas Top Shooting Range

Glock fans may have heard about it but the new single stack 9mm Glock 43 is coming to The Range 702 in April 2015! Our distributors have said they will issue The Range 702 30 guns on the initial order. Now keep in mind what one says could be a whole lot different then what they do, so we…