AK-47 at The Range 702

The AK-47 has been a battlefield staple for almost 70 years! Introduced in 1949, this fully automatic rifle is famed for its unwavering reliability in all conditions. Be sure to book your Ak-47 at our shooting range in Las Vegas, NV!

G36 rifle at The Range 702

Chambered in 5.56 For the H&K enthusiast. The G36 is a modern automatic rifle, designed and produced by the legendary arms manufacturer Heckler and Koch for the Bundeswehr, or German armed forces, in the 1990s.

The M4 at Range 702

The U.S. Military’s go to rifle for almost any occasion. Developed in the Vietnam era this rifle has evolved into the precision tool for every shooter lucky enough to serve.The M4 Carbine is very popular in armed forces!

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When you need to put down a T-Rex, this is the gun to use. This belt-fed military dynamo will have you leaving the range feeling like Rambo. The M249 SAW is a light machine gun produced by FN Manufacturing LLC in South Carolina. It features heavily in many units across the US Armed Forces.

The Scar at Range 702

This modular rifle first saw service in 2009 when SOCOM, fielded it with the 75 Ranger Regiment. It did not let them down. The FN SCAR (Special operations forces Combat Assault Rifle) is a rifle developed by Belgian arms manufacturer FN Herstal for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Caliber – 5.56mm

The RPD at Range 702

Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova, say that 5 times fast. This is one of the Soviet Block’s troop level sweeper. The RPD Machine gun is a Soviet powerhouse that dates all the way back to 1945. Paving the way for today’s modern Squad Automatic Weapons, the RPD could be considered the Grand Daddy of light machine guns!

FN-P90 at The Range 702

The FN P90 is a compact, yet powerful weapon. Often employed by vehicle crews, counter-terrorist units, special forces, and any other organization needing maximum firepower in a small package! Book your FN P90 today at our shooting range in Las Vegas, Nevada. You won’t regret it!

shoot mp5 in las vegas

Small and sexy this compact gun is used by almost all of the elite forces around the world. The MP5 is possibly one of the most distinctive weapons available today. This German, automatic gun has featured in countless movies and TV shows, and has a deserved reputation!

Thompson Machine Gun at The Range 702

Let the gangster in you come alive. The iconic gun of the Mafia ready for you every day. The Thompson Machine Gun has gone by many names during its storied history, ‘the Chicago typewriter’, ‘Tommy Gun’, and many more! It is a submachine gun, made famous, or infamous by Hollywood.

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Had a blast shooting with Corbin he has amazing!! Very informative and knowledgeable in what he was doing and helping us out!! We also purchased our first handgun and definately will return in the near future!!!!!

– Timothy M.