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10 Best Concealed Carry Weapons for Women

Women have the right to be worried about their safety whether at home, work, or vacationing. With so much uncertainty these days, women should consider carrying a concealed carry weapon (CCW) for self-defense. However, before you run down to your local gun shop, it is worthwhile to try out different models at our Las Vegas…

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July 28, 2022

21 Summer Adventures in Vegas

21 Summer Adventures in Vegas Most people know that Vegas is an excellent destination for gambling at casinos and world-class entertainment. No matter how you define the perfect day, you’re sure to find something to please your appetite.  Whether traveling with other adults, on your own, or with your family, there are numerous things to…

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June 30, 2022

What Is an Assault Weapon?

  Gun control is a very contentious issue in national politics. There are many flashpoints in the broader debate, but one of them is the issue of more regulation or even bans on assault weapons. One big problem fueling this political debate is that not everyone can agree on a standard definition of assault weapons….

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June 16, 2022

Clip vs. Magazine: What’s the Difference?

If you don’t know much about firearms outside of watching action movies or detective shows, you may not know the difference between common gun terminology. There is a good chance you have heard “clips” and “magazines” being used interchangeably. However, it may surprise you to learn that they are not the same thing! Our expert…

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May 9, 2022

Becoming an Armed Security Guard in Nevada

Armed security guards protect people and property. The state of Nevada gets tens of millions of visitors1 per year. Federal, state, and local law enforcement do their best to maintain order. Still, it also helps to have security guards at specific places or high-traffic areas for much-needed additional safety. What Is an Armed Security Guard…

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March 30, 2022

Sound Like A Pro: Types of Actions When Dealing With Guns

If you don’t know much about firearms, the idea of shooting a gun might seem complicated. However, with the proper firearm training and practice, indoor shooting range time is a fun and thrilling experience! Knowing the types of actions can help you feel more comfortable and confident when handling a gun. machine guns vegas Our…

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March 11, 2022

What Are the 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship?

Marksmanship is a precise skill that requires focus, practice, and routine steps for safe and accurate shots. Learning to handle a firearm properly and refining your craft will help you become a safer, more precise gun handler. Our certified firearms instructors share the fundamentals of marksmanship and why each is important. Gun Safety Comes First…

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February 22, 2022

What is Grain Weight and How Does It Affect Shooting Performance?

While hunters and marksmanship enthusiasts are more familiar with how grain affects shooting performance, the average American gun owner does not understand the importance of making this part of their criteria when purchasing rounds. The team at The Range 702 explains why you should pay attention to grain weight and its effect on recoil, trajectory,…

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January 22, 2022

A Guide to the Ultimate Vegas Bachelor Party

Bachelor party + Las Vegas + you and the crew = an unforgettable time. Here’s what to do to ensure your bachelor party in Las Vegas is the ultimate send-off into marital bliss. A lot of people are clued into the fact that Vegas is the destination to host an unforgettable bachelor party with a…

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November 30, 2021

How Muscle Memory Works in Firearms Training

It turns out there is truth and science behind the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Even simple, everyday actions involve an intricate process of moving many different muscles to make it happen. However, we never really think about a lot of what we do, such as putting one foot in front of the other or reaching…

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October 14, 2021

Virtual Gun Ranges vs. Real Gun Ranges

A relatively prevalent debate is ongoing in regard to the pros and cons associated with virtual gun ranges versus real gun ranges. The best way to make a decision regarding the merits of a virtual versus a real-world gun range is to understand a few important factors about both types. There are a number of…

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September 30, 2021

Greatest Firearms in History

The next time you’re at the range, make sure you refer back to the weapons on this list so you can shoot a pistol, revolver, shotgun, rifle, or machine gun that has staked its claim as one of the most important guns. Some of these have proven themselves on the battlefield. Others have found their…

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September 24, 2021