Gun of the Month: Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm


Recently I had an urge to put rounds down range with a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact in 9mm.  Now Beretta, as everyone knows has been around for a billion years and I must say that this particular gun is not too shabby.  This PX4 Compact hold 15+1, I was shooting reloaded standard 115 gr. FMJ rapid fire, emptying a full magazine in less than 10 seconds at each distance.  You can see that my grouping wasn’t as tight as I would have liked but it still got the job done!  The trigger squeeze was long but consistent, with trigger reset comfortable and felt intuitive.  I must have had a bad magazine because the slide never locked back after the last round was fired.  The safety/decocker is the standard that you’d expect from Beretta and you need to be aware of accidental flipping the safety on, I’d carry this gun loaded with the safety off, but that’s just me, some people like the sense of having and actual safety to “feel” more safe.


Ergonomics, is totally apparent in this gun, it was very comfortable in my hands, no issue with slide-bite.  I’m not a big fan of the whole double-action first trigger pull but it seemed to feel like a 12 pound trigger pull with the single action coming in around 5 pounds.  Shooting the PX4 was easy, I think it would make a great CCW gun, smooth lines of the gun would make it easy to conceal, at least on me.  Take down and cleaning was a breeze and I especially like the fact that you don’t have to pull the trigger when taking it apart like you have to do when breaking down a GLOCK.
Overall the PX4 was fun to shoot, I experienced no hiccups at all with the gun when it came to shooting cheap target loads, the gun is sturdy!, well made and seems that it would last a long time.  I’d give it a A- with the only thing that was a put off is the decocker/safety, but that’s just one guys opinion.
See you at the firing Range.  Stay Safe!!

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