Gun of the Month: Smith & Wesson Governor


Hi, My name is Scott and I’m here with The Range 702 to show you some of the cool guns that we have here at The Range for you to rent. Before I start the video, I do want you let you know that all of these guns have been checked multiple times for safety, so we’re going to skip that right now and go straight into the gun.

The first gun that we have here is the Smith & Wesson Governor, very fun gun, self-defense revolver. The model that we have here is an all-black model with a rubberized grip. These grips do feel amazing. They fit your hand very well with finger grooves for that.

This gun is a fun gun to rent and shoot out on our range for the fact that you have three different rounds you can shoot through this gun. You have a .45ACP with a moon clip, you have a .45 Colt round or you have the .410 shotgun shell. A fun gun to shoot, a fun gun to rent.

Please come down and give it a try. If you have any questions just ask our amazing staff.

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