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Gun of The Month

Gun of the Month: Glock 42

The gun of the month for review is the year old Glock 42. This is in my opinion probably the best .380 subcompact gun that I have ever shot. It weighs in at just under a pound unloaded, and has the factory installed 5.5# trigger that many of us really like for consistency. It holds…

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February 26, 2015

Gun of the Month: the Heckler and Koch VP9

HK VP9 deep blue THE HECKLER AND KOCH VP9 The Heckler and Koch VP9 is the newest handgun in HK’s handgun line up.  Named the VP9 which stands for “Volkspistole” or People’s pistol seems more like Jeff’s Pistol because of its phenomenal ergonomic grip that seems it was made to fit my hand perfectly.  The one…

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January 31, 2015