Glock fans may have heard about it but the new single stack 9mm Glock 43 is coming to The Range 702 in April 2015! Our distributors have said they will issue The Range 702 30 guns on the initial order. Now keep in mind what one says could be a whole lot different then what they do, so we are keeping our fingers crossed on this one. This gun will be only slightly larger then the G42 which was released last year. If you have ever shot a Glock 26, imagine what that felt like but the G43 is about 1” wide, and is about a ¼ inch longer than the G42. Concealed Carry owners will love this gun as it will give you the reliability that Glock owners depend on AND be able to carry it in your front pocket. Personally I’m going to trade in my Ruger LCP .380 and get the new Glock 43. Don’t worry I won’t take one of the first ones. I’ll wait a few months before I get mine. The Range 702 will have a demo gun so you can try it out before you buy it and run a comparison between the G42, G43, and the “baby Glock” G26.  

Here is a break down of the specs comparing the 3 popular Glock subcompacts






Length 6.26" 5.94" 6.41"
Width 1.02" 0.94" 1.18"
Height 4.25" 4.13" 4.17"
Barrel Length 3.39" 3.25" 3.42"
Trigger Travel 0.49" 0.49" 0.49"
Line of Sight 5.20" 4.92" 5.39"
Weight (empty) 16.19 oz 13.76 oz 21.71 oz

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