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Four people in a row shooting at The Range 702.



CCW Concealed Carry Permit Class

Qualify for your Nevada CCW permit with our Nevada Sheriffs’ & Chiefs’ Association certified Firearms Safety Course.
A CCW instructor at The Range 702 in Las Vegas observes students on the shooting range



Nevada CCW Renewal Class

Renew your Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit at The Range 702. This 4-Hour class satisfies the Firearms Safety Course requirement to renew your permit.

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A firearms instructor at The Range 702 shooting range in Las Vegas teaches a client about proper sight alignment.



1-on-1 Firearm Training

This class is for beginner or intermediate firearm owners and covers safe handling, maintenance, and the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship.
Private Concealed Carry Permit Class


$137.50 per person

Private CCW Permit Class

Our Private CCW Permit Class is a small-group (up to 8 people) CCW course for those who want to get their CCW certification with friends or family.

About The Range 702 Training Classes

The Range 702 offers one-on-one firearms training and CCW Firearms Safety Courses in a controlled, supportive environment.

Firearm proficiency is the key that unlocks greater enjoyment of the shooting sports, and confidence in defensive situations. Our certified firearm instructors love teaching beginner or intermediate shooters in our one on one firearms training classes, and you’ll love working with our instructors.

Our Concealed Carry class is certified by the Nevada Sheriff’s & Chief’s Association and successful completion will qualify you to apply for your Concealed Firearms Permit. We use a mix of lecture, audio-visual, and hands on instruction to deliver the most value of any CCW class in Las Vegas to our students (check out our reviews!).

The Concealed Carry Renewal class delivers that same value, but in a shorter class for those who currently hold a CCW permit. You can view more details on our classes at the links above, or you can always give us a call if you have questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!