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Sun:ย 9:30am โ€“ 5:00pm
Mon:ย 9:30am โ€“ 5:00pm
Tue:ย 9:30am โ€“ 5:00pm
Wed:ย 9:30am โ€“ 5:00pm
Thu:ย 9:30am โ€“ 5:00pm
Fri:ย 9:30am โ€“ 5:00pm
Sat:ย 9:30am โ€“ 5:00pm

Prices will vary between a la carte items and packages, please see the shooting packages menu for full pricing. (Includes ear/eye protection, rounds, target, and gun rental, does not include range fee.)

No, you are welcome to bring your handguns up to .45 caliber and rifles no larger than 30-06 (762ร—63)

While we have a large assortment of rounds available for purchase, you may bring your own provided it is not steel, tracer, armor piercing, or incendiary rounds.

*When renting our firearms you must purchase our ammunition

We allow up to .45 caliber and rifles no larger than 30-06 (762ร—63).

While there are no requirements we do suggest that you wear closed-toed shoes and avoid tank tops as there could be hot brass flying into unwanted places.

We have 16 shooting lanes that incorporate the latest advancements, equipment, and technology in the firearms industry. Our facility features three ranges with four lanes and one VIP range with four lanes so that we can give all customers the best experience possible.

You must be 18 or older with a valid ID to shoot. Children must be 10 or older with a parent or legal guardian.

Yes, we ask that you closely monitor your child(ren) for their safety as they are not permitted in the range area.

Our regular lanes are 15 yards (45 feet) long, our VIP lanes are 25 yards (75 feet) long.

No, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. We do accept reservations for our VIP Room & Lanes (additional charges apply). Please call for details.

Our rules have been implemented for YOUR safety as well as the safety of our other guests. Please read them carefully!



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