Birthday Party In Vegas?
We Got You!

You and your best friends, letting loose, firing off rounds and creating unforgettable birthday memories! What could be more fun?

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Host Your Vegas Birthday Party At The Range 702

Are you on the hunt for an unforgettable birthday bash in Las Vegas? The Range 702’s VIP Birthday Blast has got you covered! We offer action-packed shooting experiences where you and your friends can take part in one of our exhilarating activities.

Think about it – what’s cooler than ringing in your special day with a bit of friendly competition? Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a total newbie, this is a fantastic way to make your birthday truly memorable. It’s not every day you get to feel the rush of shooting a machine gun, right?

Get ready to share laughs, high fives, and unforgettable memories at The Range 702. Your VIP Birthday Blast is waiting!

You receive:

  • Pick a Machine Gun Package
  • Get the VIP room
  • Catering Available
  • Custom Packages Available
group of ladies at a birthday party in las vegas at the shooting range called The Range 702
man and woman holding machine guns at a shooting range in las vegas for a birthday party

Custom Birthday Party Package

If you’re more about the bang than the balloons, trade the traditional birthday bash for a day at the shooting range! We can craft a tailor-made VIP package just for your crew, which includes exclusive use of our VIP Suite and Shooting Lanes.

And no worries about getting peckish – we’ve got catering sorted out too. Plus, we offer a diverse range of firearms and targets to keep the excitement levels high.

Let’s ditch the party hats for ear protection and trade the birthday cake for a memorable experience shooting targets. Your unique, adrenaline-pumping birthday event awaits at the range!

Over 40 Firearms To Choose From
Fully Customizable Packages
Private VIP Suite & Shooting Lanes
Free Transportation From The Strip

An EPIC Birthday Experience With A Bang!

Boost your birthday fun with an array of full-auto and exotic firearms. After all, you only get one birthday each year – let’s make it EPIC! We offer customizable birthday party packages and experiences, allowing you to tailor your VIP party exactly to your tastes.

Who said birthdays were all about cake and candles? This year, it’s about targets and triggers. Let’s make your special day a blast at the range!

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    Upgrades & Add-ons

    Sniper Rifle

    person firing a 50 cal gun with trainer



    Shoot A 50 CAL Sniper Rifle In Las Vegas

    The 50-caliber rifle round is a massive cartridge, capable of taking out the enemy at distances of a mile or more. The standard Army-issue weapon that fires this potent round is the Barrett M82.
    lady aiming unicorn machine gun



    Unicorn Experience

    Shoot our custom Unicorn M4 and Glock today and you’ll be smiling forever.
    A woman shooting the quadzilla



    The Quadzilla Experience

    This monster firearm is one you’ll never forget and will go to the top of your list of interesting guns that you’ve had the honor of shooting.