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Virtual Gun Ranges vs. Real Gun Ranges

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A relatively prevalent debate is ongoing in regard to the pros and cons associated with virtual gun ranges versus real gun ranges. The best way to make a decision regarding the merits of a virtual versus a real-world gun range is to understand a few important factors about both types.

There are a number of major differences between a virtual and a real shooting range. These include everything from the cost of rounds to really having the opportunity to safely and accurately shoot different types of firearms. With several notable positive elements to both virtual gun ranges and actual shooting ranges, here are some things to consider:

Learning the Basics of Gun Safety

The reality is that a virtual gun range does possess some limitations that are not found in a real-world setting. Chief among these drawbacks associated with a virtual range is the fact that spending too much time in such a setting has the genuine potential for creating and perpetuating poor handling habits. Overuse of a virtual range can also result in the improper presentation associated with a gun.

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On the other hand, using a real firearm requires attention to detail and a level of respect for the rules to ensure everybody in the range is safe. The risks are real and the stakes are high when using a real firearm, so shooters quickly pick up gun safety basics, including the proper way to handle a gun and wearing the right protective gear.

Variety of Shooting Scenarios

For many shooters, a significant benefit associated with a virtual gun range is the ability to be put in a variety of different shooting scenarios without having to reload or reset. Although virtual gun ranges are designed to mimic the feeling of shooting a real firearm, you can still engage different fictional targets, such as zombies.

For obvious reasons, a real shooting range has some limitations when it comes to building out scenarios for shooters. However, some gun ranges provide hands-on training based on situations in which shooters may actually find themselves. You can also book fun shooting experiences with different types of firearms at an actual gun range. Depending on what kind of shooting experience you’re looking for, either type of gun range has its perks.

Cost of Rounds

On a related note, a plus of visiting a virtual range is the cost. A shooter is literally able to “sling” thousands of rounds without paying significant amounts of money for real ammo. Indeed, depending on how long a person spends at a shooting range, how many rounds are fired, and the types of targets used, the cost savings in a virtual setting can be a major deciding factor for some.

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However, nothing can really copy the feeling of shooting rounds from a real firearm. For avid shooters and gun enthusiasts, the cost savings at a virtual gun range does not outweigh the satisfaction of firing a real gun at a traditional range.

Improving Shooting Skills

A virtual shooting range ultimately lacks the mechanics of a true real-world shooting range and the feel of being in such a location. Most significantly, a virtual shooting range cannot offer such things as a real recoil. The absence of recoil and other effects you experience while shooting a real firearm can ultimately leave a shooter unprepared for real-life situations that require shooting skills.

Shooting at a real gun range offers the ability to truly learn how to handle and shoot an actual firearm, complete with the sounds, smells and reactions that come with it. As discussed previously, this hands-on experience and associated knowledge is the best way to prepare you to use a gun properly for sport and safety and improve those skills.

Shoot a Real Firearm at The Range 702

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