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Gun of the Month: the Heckler and Koch VP9

HK VP9 deep blue


The Heckler and Koch VP9 is the newest handgun in HK’s handgun line up.  Named the VP9 which stands for “Volkspistole” or People’s pistol seems more like Jeff’s Pistol because of its phenomenal ergonomic grip that seems it was made to fit my hand perfectly.  The one I test fired had a clean crisp trigger break that I thought was better than a stock Glock handgun.  The Law Enforcement model comes with 3 magazines and night sights which I feel are a must in a self-defense handgun.

Also included are 3 changeable back straps and six side panels so it will fit most any hand!  The VP9 is also a truly ambidextrous in that it has the all the controls on both sides of the gun.

The polygonal barrel helps increase muzzle velocity and longer barrel life and HK says they have fired more than 90,000 rounds through their test gun.  I’d get the LE model that comes with the extra mag/night sights which equal 46 9mm rounds!