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9 Unique Date Ideas for an Active Couple

Active couples are no longer content with just going out to the movies and sharing buckets of popcorn; they’re seeking more than that. They want unique experiences, activities, and active date ideas! Look no further if you’re striving to find exciting date ideas that will get your heart racing!

We’ve put together a list of nine activities that are sure to make for an unforgettable experience. So get ready to take your relationship up a notch with these elevated heart-rate-worthy date night ideas Las Vegas locals will love.

1. Go Rock Climbing

One of the best fun, active date ideas is to head to Red Rock Canyon and try rock climbing or bouldering. Rock climbing is a terrific activity to try — as it can be as mild or wild as you want and is quite safe when the proper equipment and techniques are used. Take a class together and see how easily you’ll bond over the tension of tight ropes, the clack of carabiners, and the dusty sensation of talcum-powdered hands.

If the weather isn’t cooperating, you can always head to one of Nevada’s indoor rock climbing gyms. This is one of the best indoor date ideas in Vegas, and there are five different locations to choose from.

2. Enjoy Ice Skating

What could be more romantic of a date night idea than gliding across the ice together hand in hand? Ice skating is one of the most romantic and fun, active date ideas. There are several places to take advantage of this exciting activity, but make sure you go at the right time.

Some ice skating rinks are open year-round, while others are only seasonal. Either way, it’s truly magical to have a fun, active ice skating session with your loved one in the middle of the Las Vegas desert.

Not an ice-skating pro? Taking skating lessons is one of the best active couple date ideas in Vegas because it allows you to learn together and have vulnerability.

3. Play a Sport Together

Sports are great for team building, and couples that play together stay together. If you’re looking for unique date ideas, why not try something active like basketball, soccer, or volleyball? You can head to a nearby park and get into a game of two-on-two or three-on-three basketball. There are so many options you may want to try more than one of the following sports activities as fun, active date ideas:

  • golf
  • tennis
  • soccer
  • ultimate frisbee
  • volleyball
  • bocce ball

You’ll be burning some serious calories, getting a great workout in, and having fun all at the same time. Make sure to keep the competition friendly so you can both enjoy yourself. You may also want to follow up your game with a relaxing yoga session afterward.

4. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Take your date night to the water by stand-up paddle boarding on the Colorado river or near the cave systems of Las Vegas. All you need is a SUP board, some paddles, and a life jacket. Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the most popular activities in Vegas, and it’s incredibly easy to learn.

You can take your relationship out on the calm waters for an evening of exploration, conversation, and connection with nature — what better way to spend time with each other?
Sign up for a tour, or if you’re experienced and looking for a cheap date idea in Vegas — rent your own boards and explore the lake at your leisure.

5. Get Out on a Bike Ride

Biking is one of the best things to do for active couples who want to get out and enjoy nature together. Take a day trip, join a group ride, or plan your own route. To really add a splash of romance and specialness to your biking excursion, make sure to bring along some snacks and drinks.

A small Bluetooth speaker and blanket will complete the ambiance and make it one of the most memorable and fun dates ideas Las Vegas has to offer.

6. Go to a Shooting Range

couple looking at target after going to shooting range in las vegas

For a truly unforgettable date, why not consider taking your special someone to the shooting range? An exciting and thrilling experience awaits. Instead of settling for any old gun range, why not treat your date to an immersive experience that features the latest firearms and accessories? In the little time it takes to read this sentence aloud together, you both can blast away and revel in the thrill of unleashing twenty or thirty rounds.

You’ll be surprised at how much your special someone will enjoy this unique outing. Treat your loved one to an unforgettable night out at The Range 702 in Las Vegas if you’re looking for a thrill ride in the heart of Las Vegas.

This date night idea is sure to be a hit if either of you is a fan of shooting or just want to try something new and exciting. They even have a special “couples therapy” package where you can expect to shoot the following:

  • Springfield XDM (10 Rounds)
  • 1911 (7 Rounds)
  • MP5 (20 Rounds)
  • Uzi (20 Rounds)
  • AK47 (20 Rounds)
  • M4 (20 Rounds)

The power of wielding a gun is truly something special, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

7. Test Your Bravery With Skydiving

Skydiving is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and test the limits of your bravery. It’s one of the most exhilarating active date ideas you can experience in Vegas. This activity is best for couples looking for something out of the ordinary that will create memories that won’t soon be forgotten.

From the moment you take a leap of faith and jump out at 15,000 ft., there is no feeling quite like the rush of adrenaline and exhilaration that comes with skydiving. Nothing compares to the sensation of conquering your fear. Witness the breathtaking views of Sin City from a totally different perspective as you soar through the sky at over 120 miles per hour.

If you’re looking for an indoor activity that gives you a thrill, then try indoor skydiving. This is perfect for those who want to experience the feeling of flying any time of the year, in any weather conditions.

8. Explore the Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re looking for an adventure like no other, why not try a hot air balloon ride? This date night idea is perfect for couples who are after a truly unique experience. Soar high above the Vegas strip and take in the awe-inspiring views of the city below as you glide across the sky.

The graceful flight will give you both time to slow down and appreciate your relationship, all while enjoying some beautiful scenery together. Hot air balloon rides come with a champagne toast, a soft blanket, and souvenir photos to commemorate the occasion.

As you float through the sky together, you’ll be able to witness some of the incredible sights around Las Vegas like never before. The endless panoramic views of the Mojave desert will make this an unforgettable experience that can only be enjoyed with your special someone.

9. Visit an Escape Room

Sometimes adventure is as much mental as it is physical. If you’re looking for unique active date ideas in Las Vegas, then an escape room could be just what you need.

Experience the thrill of solving clues and puzzles together as you work to find your way out of a customized adventure experience tailored specifically to your interests and skill level.

This is a great idea for those cold rainy days when you want to warm up and feel connected to that special someone. Nothing feels better than winning in the escape room as the final seconds tick away. Plus, it’s a great way to build trust as you rely on each other and communicate effectively in order to make your escape from the room.

The Bottom Line

couple sky diving

If you’re looking for an active date idea in Las Vegas, any one of these activities can help you create new bonds and bring your relationship closer together. Whether it’s ice skating or stand-up paddle boarding.

No matter what activity you choose for your active date night in Las Vegas, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer together than ever before. The opportunities are endless, so make the most of your time in Vegas and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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