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Unique Date Ideas for an Active Couple

Active couples these days typically enjoy going out on dates that involve more than a dark movie theater and tubs of buttery popcorn. Instead, these pairs often plan adventurous outings and memorable excursions that create deeper and more profound memories than one could ever expect to gain from a trip to the Cineplex. If you are looking for unique date ideas that mirror your active lifestyle, consider one of the following five ideas and get ready to put some heart into “elevated heart rate!”


With so many opportunities for adventure, it pays to take your partner out into nature for your next date. Beautiful views, fresh air, and some energizing exercise will help you and your date feel great and get fit. Rock climbing is a terrific activity to try – as it can be as mild or wild as you want and is quite safe when the proper equipment and techniques are used. Take a class together and see how easily you’ll bond over the tension of tight ropes, the clack of carabiners, and the dusty sensation of talcum-powdered hands.


We’re not suggesting that you enter the Octagon and begin to MMA spar with your date, but any sport can be a fun date activity for you and your partner. Bowling, miniature golf, tennis, racquetball, and more can add some excitement to your date – and some subtle competition never hurts and always keep things interesting.


One of the most exhilarating activities that you can integrate into your next date is a trip to a shooting range. But don’t just go to any old range – take your date to one that offers an immersive experience that includes a host of the latest in firearms and accessories. Better yet, take your date to a range that includes a fully-automatic, machine gun shooting experience. You’ll be surprised how much he or she loves the feeling of unleashing twenty or thirty rounds in less time than it takes to read this sentence. A range like The Range 702 in Las Vegas is an ideal venue for a memorable date.


Couple jumping and holding hands on white background

Bounce around at an indoor trampoline center where gravity knows no bounds and flying is encouraged. Have fun with your date while feeling weightless, not to mention it’s the perfect time to show off your tricks if you’ve got them! Jumping is a great way to get the blood pumping and even burn a few calories while you’re at it. A place like Sky Zone in Las Vegas is the perfect place to jump and jive.

For your next date or fun outing, consider one of the five active excursions above, and get ready to wow your companion with a thoughtful and memorable experience.