From First Time Shooter to Gun Expert


The best way to become a gun safety and shooting expert is to visit a shooting range. Many of our first time shooters told us they were apprehensive about shooting a gun for the first time, but were pleasantly surprised after their first visit to The Range.

We recommend beginning with a firearms safety class before ever picking up a gun. This isn’t mandatory, but it is worthwhile to get a first-hand look at gun safety and how firearms function. Then request a Range Instructor to walk through and supervise first-time shooters. A complete list of tips for first-time shooters can be found here.

Practice makes perfect. Returning to a firing range on a regular basis to practice is how shooters will become more comfortable with their firearms and increase their shooting speed and accuracy.

When shooters start to master one firearm it’s time to start thinking about another to begin practicing with. Expert shooters can shoot accurately in a timely fashion with various different types and models of firearms and knows the proper procedures for safety and cleaning of all firearms.

Beginner shooters should start with a small caliber handgun such as a 9mm (nine millimeter) and then progress to larger caliber handguns, rifles, shotguns and machine guns.

As shooters increase their ability they should start to adjust their targets so they are more difficult. Increasing the distance of the target, shooting outdoors as opposed to a controlled indoor environment and practicing in mock crisis scenarios are ways to create new challenges and develop new abilities.

Additionally, the only way to truly become an expert is to never stop learning about firearms. Take as many gun classes on as many topics as possible.

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