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Firearms During the First Thanksgiving

The feast enjoyed on the first Thanksgiving didn’t hunt itself! The Pilgrims had to forage and hunt before setting the table. Here’s a list of the firearms used during the First Thanksgiving. Imagine the feeling of stepping off a 100-foot-long wooden ship onto the virgin shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts, as the first colonial settlers. They…

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August 24, 2018

Most Popular Firearms Throughout the States

Certainly, every gun enthusiast has their favorite firearm, but what about each state?  Just as the most popular firearms vary from person to person, iconic guns also vary from state to state. Did you know that eight of the fifty states actually have an Official State Firearm? In fact, Utah legislature became the first to name…

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December 4, 2017

Guns of the Sky Throughout History

Embark on a journey throughout history and learn about some of the most infamous guns of the sky – devastating aircraft-based weapons. Back in the early 1900s, airplanes were considered a novel concept, a daring accomplishment, and an unproven innovation that hadn’t really found its niche in society. But along came World War I and…

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November 9, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Gun Protection Accessories

Proper vision and hearing protection is always necessary when shooting any sort of firearm – are you using the right gear to protect your eyes and ears? Whether you spend the majority of your time at the range punching paper targets, sniping at steel gongs set out hundreds of yards away, moving with tactical precision…

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October 26, 2017

The Benefits of Gun Ownership

Owning a gun, learning to shoot it effectively, maintaining gun responsibility, and spending time at the range can be incredibly rewarding. You’ve purchased your new firearm, taken the required safety classes, and you’re ready to work your way through a bevy of advanced training courses that will make you an even more confident shooter. Even…

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September 19, 2017

How Gun Owners Feel About the Possible Future of Smart Gun Technology

It might sound great on paper, but is Smart Gun technology likely to be adopted by America’s gun owners? The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is one that has been fought over and debated about for decades. It only makes sense that any change in the world of firearms will be approached…

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September 15, 2017

Shooting the Guns from Your Favorite Video Games

If you’ve spent days on end playing games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Big Game Hunter, or Wolfenstein: The New Order, then you might know a thing or two about guns and their tactical applications.  But if you’re getting pretty good at engaging the enemy from the safety and security of your couch, it…

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August 28, 2017

The Fastest Firing Guns in the World

Back in the days of the American Revolution, a good soldier could complete two well-aimed, accurate shots in 60 seconds or less. Fast forward to the Civil War and that figure doubled to nearly four shots a minute for a highly-trained marksman. WWI saw the use of the 1914 machine gun, which took the Civil War…

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April 28, 2017

Channel Your Inner James Bond

Bond movies are beloved by gun enthusiasts from around the world. The intro even features a “glimpse down a gun barrel” motif before the opening credits as each movie kicks off. It’s only fitting that we take a look at the memorable weapons used by Bond and his enemies throughout the last 55 years of…

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February 15, 2017

How to Properly Clean Your Gun

You’ve finished your session at the range. Your guns are safely stored away in a locked case, remaining rounds are put away, and your “eyes and ears” are tucked away in your range bag. You’ve just had a blast at the shooting range, but as you walk out you can already hear that little voice…

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January 30, 2017

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