Best 5 Guns for Women


Let’s face it – shooting is a sport that is enjoyed by an ever-increasing number of women these days. The fact that gun ranges are home to a fairly balanced proportion of both sexes today is a testament to the accessibility of shooting as a sport, a relaxing pastime, and an effective crime-prevention and preparation activity. But most women are built differently than the majority of men, and they may find that a select group of guns provide a better fit, feel, and functional performance than those that have traditionally been marketed to men. The following is a list of five guns that most women find easy to shoot and simple to operate.


AR-15 rifle
An AR-15 rifle on a generic camoflauge background

Yes, the ubiquitous carbine that has spawned a thousand variants and a legendary reputation for performance, as well as a storied career as the standard battle rifle for the US Military, is ideal for women! A combination of a lightweight frame (most stock AR15s weight little more than 6.5 pounds, empty), comfortable dimensions, light recoiling 5.56mm rounds, and a variety of tactical accessories make the AR15 the perfect short rifle for recreational shooting, hunting, and self-defense.



When it comes to semi-automatic pistols, the Glock 26 is hard to beat. For ladies that are considering a pistol for concealed carry, Glock’s model 26 is chambered in 9mm and holds nearly a dozen rounds. It is also lightweight, compact, and generates far less recoil than its .40 S&W-chambered brother, the model 27. Simple controls and easy operation make Glock pistols ideal for female shooters – both novice and veteran.



Many new shooters are quite recoil-sensitive, and ladies that are of a smaller stature will benefit from shooting a gun that shoots the diminutive .22LR cartridge. The .22 is often the “first gun” of many shooters, and the Walther is an ideal variant on the typical starter pistol. Featuring lightweight polymer construction and an easy to manipulate slide, magazine release, and safety controls, the Walther is a joy to shoot. Best of all – you can shoot all day long for about $10 in rounds!



There is something inherently fun about shooting a pump-action shotgun at the firing range, and the 20-gauge shell delivers much less recoil than its bigger brother – the 12 gauge. Use a pump-action for tactical training, self-defense drills, or for skeet shooting, and watch how easily most ladies learn to rack the pump and deliver a devastating load of birdshot, buckshot, or even slugs with the venerable pump-action.



Yes, another Glock makes our list of the top five guns for ladies – and for good reason! The Glock 42 is a new, revolutionary Glock pistol that answers the call of the gun enthusiast market for an ultra-compact pistol chambered in a moderately powerful round. The G42 offers single stack magazine dimensions – meaning that those with smaller hands will be able to grip the pistol with ease, and it is chambered in the venerable .380 AUTO cartridge that is easy on the hands and ideal for those who are recoil-sensitive. Ladies don’t have to use guns that are designed as “lady guns,” but the weapons listed above, as well as a host of others, are well suited for those who have smaller hands, are recoil sensitive, and desire a weapon that is lightweight and effective in a range of scenarios.

Visiting the local range to test out one or more of these weapons before purchasing to help reinforce the overall decision. After all, it’s a fun way to window shop for the next lady-focused weapon on the market today.

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