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Our Current Favorite Concealed Carry Holsters

Gun with bullets

Now that you’ve taken the appropriate concealed carry training courses, you’ve received your actual permit, and you own a handgun you feel confident with – it’s time to put that training to use and begin carrying your defensive weapon. One step in the process that is often underplayed is the importance of selecting the right concealed carry holster. An ill-fitting or cheaply constructed holster can lead to a dangerous situation, while a top-quality, well-engineered holster can quickly become an instinctive part of your concealed carry game plan. Let’s look at some of our favorite concealed carry holsters available today.


Blackhawk! is serious about delivering a tactical advantage to anyone lucky enough to don one of their holsters, and the SERPA CQC concealment holster is a standout for several reasons. First, it is constructed of rugged, synthetic materials that help the holster retain its shape for easy holstering and re-holstering. Second, it features the Auto Lock release, which prevents the gun from leaving the holster unless a safety button is purposefully depressed. Lastly, the SERPA CQC comes with quick disconnect and tactical holster platforms, a belt loop system, a paddle platform, and can be configured to practically any shooter out there.


If you’re a fan of compact revolvers (like a Colt Detective or Smith & Wesson J-Frame), the Mini Scabbard from Legendary gun leather maker DeSantis will not disappoint. It is crafted of top-grade saddle leather, is precisely molded to each gun, and features an adjustable tension screw system that allows you to adjust draw effort with ease. This holster hangs onto your gun tightly but offers a quick and easy draw when you need it.


One big consideration for concealed carry proponents is finding ways to creatively hide or mask a bulky gun. That often translates into being forced to wear baggy shirts or loose pants that won’t “print” the weapon. Instead of having to design a wardrobe around the carry gun, those who opt for the Sneaky Pete can simply thread their belt through the ¾” sewn-in loops and walk around as if they’re toting a cell phone on their hip – meanwhile a standard 2” barrel .38-Special revolver or small frame semi-automatic pistol fits perfectly behind the magnetic flap.


By expertly blending true concealment with lightning-fast access to your weapon, 3 Speed Holsters are redefining the notion of a deep-cover, concealed weapon holster. Each unit is crafted of comfortable, soft faux leather, with nylon Velcro straps, and a high-grade twill lining. These holsters are custom designed to fit each unique weapon and each shooter’s own specific physique. They’re not the cheapest on the market, but they sure are comfortable. And if real concealment is the mission, you can’t beat a 3 Speed.

Finding the right holster is a big part of becoming comfortable carrying your concealed weapon daily, and it’s an aspect emphasized in a concealed carry class. Keep in mind that price should never be your guide. While economics often force us to put our expenses in check from time to time, think about the value and quality you want to invest in a high-performance holster. For more information about holsters, or to browse a selection of holsters to find the perfect fit for your unique lifestyle, physique, and budget, visit your preferred gun range today.

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