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Chapter 4 — Shooting Range Equipment

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As you become more and more familiar with the shooting range experience, you’ll notice that regular patrons and gun enthusiasts have their own shooting range equipment. Of course, you can always rent safety equipment and protective gear at the shooting range, but others prefer to bring their own, especially if they visit the range often. Here is some shooting range equipment you might see:

Range Bag

A range bag for shooting is what you use to carry all your shooting gear with you to the range. If you plan to bring your own guns and equipment, a shooting range bag is a must-have because it is designed to safely carry these items.

The best range bag will have:

  • Room for your firearms, in a case
  • Plenty of ammunition
  • Hearing protection
  • Protective eyewear
  • Targets, but may be provided at your shooting range
  • Anything else you might need while at the range, like gum, snacks or maybe a GoPro!

Be sure to make a range day checklist so you don’t forget to pack any of your essential items in your range bag.

Of course, if you do forget, The Range 702 has everything you need for your shooting experience available for rent.

Spotter Scope or Monocular

If you plan on working on your long-range target shooting while at the gun range, consider bringing or renting a spotting scope. It magnifies your target so you have a much clearer image of where you’re aiming. They are often used for scoring targets on rifle and pistol ranges and for hunting. Make sure you do your research before choosing a spotter scope. Depending on what type of shooting you need it for, there is a best spotting scope for 1000 yards, a best spotting scope for 100 yards, a best spotting scope for 300 yard shooting, and everything in between.


Shooting range targets can differ depending on what type of shooting range you visit. What does a shooting target look like? At an outdoor shooting range, you might see several types of shooting targets, including clay targets, redfield targets, diamond pop up targets, zombie targets, metal spinners, animal targets, and more. At most indoor shooting ranges, you’ll most likely have an LE silhouette target. You may also find bullseye shooting range targets at an indoor shooting range.


A rangefinder is often used for long-range shooting or competitive shooting. It will tell you the distance to your target as well as calculate the real ballistic range by taking into account any elevation changes between your target and your gun. The best rangefinder for shooting really depends on the shooter and how far the target is. However, shooting with a rangefinder will help your long-range accuracy once you know how to use it.
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5 Important Items to Bring to The Shooting Range


Ensuring that your trip to the gun range goes as smoothly as possible means toting along the right items every time. While everyone’s shooting range bag will look a little different than the next, there are a few key components that should be brought along to guarantee a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for all. Here are…