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Chapter 3 — Gun Safety Rules

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An essential part of your shooting range experience is learning gun safety rules. If you’re not yet familiar with these rules, don’t worry! Your instructor will go over these in-depth and make sure you understand everything for a safe and exciting experience. We’ll cover these safety rules, as well as the fundamentals of shooting below:

Fundamentals of Shooting

The four fundamentals of shooting or marksmanship are the elements that soldiers are taught to use when entering the fire line. Those are:

  1. Steady Position
  2. Aiming
  3. Breath Control
  4. Trigger Squeeze

Think of it as a checklist. When soldiers focus on these four fundamentals, they are more prepared and accurate with their shooting.

Firearm Safety Rules

When you’re shooting a gun at a gun range, you must follow the five basic firearm safety rules at all times. They are put in place for your safety and the safety of others at the gun range, so they are not optional rules or loose guidelines. Failure to follow these safety rules will result in your shooting session ending immediately.

  1. Always point your firearm in a safe direction.
  2. Treat your firearm as if it is loaded (even if you believe it’s not).
  3. Keep your trigger finger off the trigger until the moment you’re ready to fire.
  4. Be certain of your target, and know what’s in your line of fire and beyond the target before firing.
  5. Always wear the appropriate eye and ear protective gear when shooting or maintaining your gun.

All shooting ranges take great care to provide a safe and controlled environment for patrons by strictly enforcing these rules. Following these basic firearm safety rules will ensure that you and the other shooters will have a fun, thrilling, and gratifying experience at the gun range.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gun Safety

If you own a gun or take up shooting as a hobby as a parent, it’s important to know and understand how to explain guns to a child. Gun safety in the home is just as important as it would be at a shooting range or any other location. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has put together four rules you can share with your kids about gun safety.

  1. Stop – If you see a gun, do not go near it.
  2. Don’t Touch – Under no circumstances should you touch, hold, or pick up a gun.
  3. Leave the Area – Leaving the area minimizes the chances of injury if another person decides to handle the gun.
  4. Tell an Adult – Find a trusted adult figure and tell them what you saw.


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