Chapter 6 — Indoor Shooting

What Is an Indoor Shooting Range?

Unlike an outdoor shooting range, an indoor shooting range allows you to shoot firearms in a safe and controlled environment while indoors. Many shooters prefer to shoot indoors because they are protected from the elements and it’s great for target practice.

How Do Indoor Shooting Ranges Work?

Indoor shooting ranges are meticulously designed for an optimized indoor shooting experience that is both safe and exciting. Shooters stand on one side of the range with the targets downrange. Using a variety of firearms, shooters will take aim and fire at the targets while wearing protective gear. Bullet traps behind the targets are designed to stop and capture the bullets, preventing any chance of ricochets. Indoor shooting can be a thrilling experience for first-time shooters and gun aficionados alike.

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Are Indoor Shooting Ranges Safe?

It’s easy to make assumptions when it comes to shooting at an indoor shooting range, especially when you don’t know much about them. However, the truth is that countless measures are taken to ensure that every shooting experience is carefully monitored, supervised by trained experts, and above all, safe for everybody involved. Whether you’re at the best indoor shooting range or at an older facility, there are strict rules and regulations that are enforced to make sure you are safe while shooting. Check out why an indoor shooting range is safe.

What Are Exotic Firearms at the Range?

The Range 702 has a variety of unique and exotic firearms you can shoot while visiting our range in Las Vegas. Some of them include the Quadzilla, made up of four separate pintle-mounted M4 machine guns that fire at once, the Mossberg 500, which is a pump action shotgun that dates back to 1960, and the MG-42, a WWII era weapon that can fire 1,200-1,500 rounds per minute!

What You Should Know Before Your First Shooting Experience

If you’ve decided to take a trip to the gun range for your first controlled shooting experience, it’s an exciting time. However, you really want to take heed of the rules and follow the expert’s advice to make sure that your outing is fun, educational, exhilarating, and most of all – safe. Shooting firearms is a complex emotional event, as it can make you feel alert and focused, while also allowing you to relax and clear your head. For your first shooting experience, check out these tips for your first controlled shooting experience.

infographic for biology behind shooting

What Are Safety Requirements at Indoor Shooting Ranges?

Before your shooting experience at any indoor shooting range, you will be instructed on the shooting range rules and the basics of firearms. The experienced shooting instructors at The Range 702 in Las Vegas can help you feel more comfortable and confident before ever picking up a firearm. You will also be required to wear protective gear, including goggles and ear protection while shooting at the range.

How Much Does an Indoor Shooting Range Cost?

Indoor shooting range prices for your shooting experience really depends on a lot of factors. For example, did you bring your own firearm and rounds or will you need to rent one and purchase ammunition? Do you only want to shoot one gun or different types of guns? Do you want to book a specific shooting experience with a group or prefer to do target shooting alone? All these things factor into how much it will cost you.

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infographic showing the parts of a handgun

Chapter 1: Introduction to Firearms

If you are new to shooting guns, Chapter 1 of the Ultimate Shooting Range Guide gives a breakdown of the parts of a typical handgun, and a brief history of guns. Some topics you will learn:

  • How Guns Work
  • Parts of a Gun and Their Functions
  • Differences Between Firearms and Handguns
variety of guns laying on a shooting stand at a shooting range in las vegas

Chapter 2: Types of Firearms

There are a lot of types of guns on the market, and you can shoot a selection of them at The Range 702 in Las Vegas. Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Shooting Range Guide is a breakdown the most popular types of guns:

  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Handguns
  • Revolvers
  • Pistols
  • Machine Guns
man shooting a machine gun at a gun range in las vegas

Chapter 3: Gun Safety Rules

The essential part of your shooting range experience is learning gun safety rules. If you’re not yet familiar with these rules your range safety officer or instructor will go over these in-depth. Chapter 3 covers everything for a safe and exciting experience, including:

  • Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Firearm Safety Rules
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Gun Safety
handgun laying on a shooting stand next to protective gear

Chapter 4: Shooting Range Equipment

In Chapter 4 we cover the various types of gear and equipment you might see and bring to a indoor shooting range. Some of the items covered include:

  • Additional magazines
  • Hearing protection
  • Protective eyewear
  • Gun cleaning kit
  • Targets
man shooting a handgun at a target in las vegas

Chapter 5: Outdoor Shooting

Chapter 5 of the Ultimate Shooting Range Guide covers the benefits of shooting at an outdoor range plus how to build your own outdoor range. Topics covered include:

  • What is an Outdoor Shooting Range?
  • How to Build an Outdoor Shooting Range
  • Where Is an Outdoor Shooting Range Near Me?
man shooting a handgun at the range 702 in las vegas

Chapter 6: Indoor Shooting

Many shooters prefer to shoot at an indoor gun range because they are protected from the elements and it’s great for target practice. In Chapter 6, you will learn:

  • How Do Indoor Shooting Ranges Work?
  • Are Indoor Shooting Ranges Safe?
  • What Are Exotic Firearms at the Range?
  • What Are Safety Requirements at Indoor Shooting Ranges?

Chapter 7: CCW Classes

Chapter 7 of the Ultimate Shooting Range Guide covers the all the need-to-know for getting your concealed carry permit (CCW), including what to bring, and great firearms to consider purchasing for concealed carry.

  • What is a CCW Class?
  • Can You Take a CCW Class Before 21?
  • How Long is a CCW Class?
  • What To Bring to a CCW Class
  • How to Get CCW Permit