Range Targets

Top 5 Shooting Range Targets

Range Targets

One of the benefits of visiting a full-service gun range in Las Vegas is that you’ll get to try out so many incredible weapons. From the blistering action of the classic M4 carbine, rapid-fire fun of a 9mm pistol, or the resounding thump of a 12-gauge buckshot load, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of firearms, including machine guns! One way to ramp up your shooting range experience is to include a variety of targets that can add a new dimension to your adventure. Here are some of the targets that shooters have come to love over the years.


The hardest part of simulating the Zombie Apocalypse will be pretending you aren’t having fun! Seriously, though, there is something exhilarating about shooting at targets of the undead, and thousands of shooters have honed their reactive skills and practical accuracy by shooting at the brain-loving monsters.

Many zombie targets also include an “innocent bystander” that forces you to put bullets downrange in an accurate and calculated manner. Then, once the shooting is over, simply bring the targets home and admire your handiwork!


The LE Silhouette target is an easily identifiable design that has been used by both law enforcement and the military for years. Shaped like the silhouette of a bad guy, these targets permit easy honing of defensive shooting skills, a clear system of scoring rings, and a low price point. When high volume shooting is on the menu, keeping tabs on price is an important consideration.


Redfield, long known for making high-quality, affordable riflescopes, also produces a line of zeroing targets that makes sighting-in handguns and rifles a no-fuss affair. These targets feature a bright white background, a grid of one-inch squares, windage and elevation marks, and five separate diamond-shaped targets for easy accuracy checks. For hunters who need to sight-in a new rifle scope or quickly check their zero before a hunt, there is no better target.


Just as law enforcement officers often train on silhouette targets to more accurately gauge their defensive shooting skills, hunters will benefit from the use of animal targets before heading after their quarry.

Many of these targets feature a life-sized or slightly scaled down version of the actual animal profile, with highlighted vital areas to make training that much easier. Ranchers can even practice shooting at prairie dog or crow profiles to help practice efficient and humane pest elimination. A variety of targets is available, including elk, deer, turkey, pheasant, and more.


The straightforward and practical Bullseye is a classic shooting target that never goes out of style. Affordable, intuitive, and easy to score, these targets can be bought by the hundred to support long-term shooting practice.


Plus, you can use them with rifles, pistols, revolvers, and even shotguns as they are ideal for determining the shotgun pellet pattern at a variety of distances, making them versatile tools for firing range activities. Classics like these will always remain popular with shooters due to their functionality and usefulness across various firearm types.

Whether you’re fine-tuning your rifle accuracy, testing different loads with your pistol, practicing with your revolver, or examining the spread of shotgun pellets, these tools provide valuable insights for shooters of all backgrounds and preferences.

Their enduring popularity among firearm enthusiasts is a testament to their reliability and effectiveness in enhancing shooting skills and understanding the performance of different firearms.

Regardless of your skill level or familiarity with firearms, you’ll want to sample a variety of targets that will add a new dimension of fun and excitement for your next trip to a Las Vegas shooting range.

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