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Shoot a Springfield XDM in Las Vegas

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  • Sober; Alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused the use of the range.
  • Not Pregnant.
  • Mentally Stable.
  • Minors must be at least 10 years of age to shoot, minors under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
  • Must have valid government approved ID with you on the day of shooting.
  • We require a deposit or full payment to confirm your reservation.
  • All reservations are non-refundable but are fully transferable for up to six months from the reservation date.
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$ 64.95

Shoot A XDM Springfield in Las Vegas

The Springfield XDM is a polymer framed, striker fired pistol. It is considered match grade, and is therefore very accurate, and is a favorite of competition shooters who demand precision. When it comes to customization, the Springfield XDM is one of the best out there. It features interchangeable back straps to allow the shooter to get the perfect grip. Given that the XDM is match grade, the trigger is superb, with a crisp, even break every time!

This pistol definitely has the ‘Tacti-Cool’ factor, with the aggressive grip textures and serrations on the slide. It features an accessory rail to allow fitting of flashlights and laser sights. Being a semi automatic pistol, the Springfield XDM will cycle as fast as the operator can pull the trigger! If you’d like to try the Springfield XDM for yourself, you can include it in your shooting experience. Come test out the XDM at The Range 702. ur knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, helping you to get set up with rounds, safety gear, and your pistol. You’ll also receive a range safety briefing before taking your XDM out for some trigger time!

XDM Springfield at Range 702


My friend and I were able to take pictures throughout the experience.

I had an excellent time. I took a good friend who didn't have much firearms experience. We chose the Tripple Threat package with double ammo and 50 Cal shoot. Jonathan was our range safety officer. The weapons we shot were the 1911, MP5, Roni with Glock 18, and 50 Cal sniper rifle. The entire staff when you walk in made you feel welcome, comfortable, and made sure your experience was exactly what you wanted. Everything went so well we added the M249 SAW to the package. Johnathan is excellent working with shooters of all levels. My friend and I were able to take pictures throughout the experience. I highly recommend TheRange702 for the opportunity to shoot a large variety of firearms, both semi-auto and full-auto.

– Adam M.
Great for practicing aim!

Had a great time learning how to shoot with Ryan S. Handled a glock and a 1911...great for practicing aim!

– jjduke2 on TripAdvisor
Outstanding first shooting experience

Three of us (two women, 1 man) went to 702 yesterday for our first shooting experience. We were picked up at our hotel by the super friendly van exactly on time. At the range, we picked our packages and waited about 20 minutes to begin shooting. The instructor, Johnny, was excellent as he coached us precisely on how to hold and aim our weapons. He recommended the MP5 for the women (lighter, less kick) to complement the Glock. For me (the guy), it was the M4 plus a shotgun after a 1911 45 and AK 47. We had a great time and would go back to try a new lineup of firearms. Only in Vegas! Worth it.

– Barry M.
Totally professional and fun experience throughout

The Range 702 provided a totally professional and fun experience throughout. I had booked in advance but needed change timing the time on the day which they accommodated with our fuss. My party of 3 was picked up at our hotel by a cheerful driver who promised us a great time. He was right. We visited from the UK and were novices with guns looking to have a Las Vegas experience outside of the casinos and shopping malls. We were carefully briefed and instructed before shooting. Our instructor guided us at all times. We shot a Colt 45, Glock 1911, AK-47, and an MP5 and it was an awesome experience for us.

– Thomas S.