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Shoot a XDM Springfield in Las Vegas

XDM Springfield Experiences

About The XDM Springfield

The Springfield XDM is a modern semi-automatic pistol, frequently chosen by targets shooters for its excellent accuracy and ease of operation.

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XDM Springfield at Range 702

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XDM Springfield at Range 702


The Springfield XDM is a polymer framed, striker fired pistol. It is considered match grade, and is therefore very accurate, and is a favorite of competition shooters who demand precision. When it comes to customization, the Springfield XDM is one of the best out there. It features interchangeable back straps to allow the shooter to get the perfect grip. Given that the XDM is match grade, the trigger is superb, with a crisp, even break every time!

This pistol definitely has the ‘Tacti-Cool’ factor, with the aggressive grip textures and serrations on the slide. It features an accessory rail to allow fitting of flashlights and laser sights. Being a semi automatic pistol, the Springfield XDM will cycle as fast as the operator can pull the trigger! If you’d like to try the Springfield XDM for yourself, you can include it in your shooting experience. Come test out the XDM at The Range 702. ur knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, helping you to get set up with rounds, safety gear, and your pistol. You’ll also receive a range safety briefing before taking your XDM out for some trigger time!

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Google Review
The instructors were great!

Great group of instructors. Sarge, Doc, and Steph. I would recommend them to anybody. They will show you new and helpful shooting techniques, gun safety and many other lifesaving drills. By the time you are finished with this class, you will feel comfortable and confident in handling your firearm

– Troy B.
Definitely a Great Experience!

Our instructor was an ex-marine and was friendly and informative, which helped make the experience safe/relaxed. Ear defenders and eye protection are also provided on site. You also have an opportunity to take pictures with the guns. I would recommend visiting The Range 702

– ADavisC
Great experience and selection!

So helpful and informative. Great experience and selection. As a novice, I was a little apprehensive but the staff was gracious and didn't make me feel dopey.

– Johnny G.