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Shoot an RPD in Las Vegas

RPD Shooting Experiences

About The RPD

The Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova, or RPD machine gun, is a historic yet powerful Soviet weapon that dates back to 1945! It is well known for paving the way for modern-day light machine guns.

The RPD at Range 702

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The RPD at Range 702

The RPD is a fully automatic, gas-operated weapon. A long stroke piston and a gas regulator is used for the gas drive, located under the barrel. With a simple and sturdy bolt locking system (similar to other Degtyarov guns), the RPD uses two locking flaps that push out of the bolt body into recesses in the receiver walls. These flaps are pushed out by the bolt carrier to lock and then are withdrawn from recesses to unlock the bolt using special cams on the carrier.

The RPD can provide impressive firepower that ranges up to 2,500 feet despite the heavy barrel. If you want the ultimate shooting experience by firing the RPD at The Range 702, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, setting you up with a thorough safety briefing, rounds, safety gear, and your RPD!

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Google Review
Staff was friendly and courteous!

During our stay, we decided to visit the Range. We had a great time! Everyone was friendly and courteous. You do have to schedule an appointment in advance and free transportation is available.

– Jjw302
Highly recommended!

We visited while on vacation. We wanted to shoot some big guns as well as do some target practice. We had a great instructor who explained all the guns well and was right with us as we shot. Very safe environment. Highly recommend!

– HotRod101
Great guidance on technique and safety

Our first time at a shooting range, and first time shooting. Colton was our instructor and gave us good technique guidance and a lesson on firearm safety. We were expecting to miss the target completely, but he got us dialed in and even hitting a couple of bulls eyes. Thanks guys, great fun, we will see you again soon!!

– Alina R.