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Shoot a Desert Eagle in Las Vegas

Desert Eagle Shooting Experiences

About The Desert Eagle

Featuring one of the largest calibers of any handgun, the Desert Eagle .50AE is a force to be reckoned with. Made famous by both heroes and bad guys on the big screen, the Desert Eagle has created its own legend!

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The Desert Eagle at Range 702

Learn More About The Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle at Range 702


The Semi-automatic Desert Eagle pistol is a large, steel framed handgun, famous for its large caliber payloads! The most famous of all is the .50 Action Express, a monster round with immense stopping power. The large rounds aren’t all the Desert Eagle is famous for; the ranges of finishes available are also worth mentioning, with gold tiger stripes being amongst the most unique! This hand held Howitzer is not designed for rapid fire, with a magazine capacity of 9 rounds, you’ll want to take your time and ensure you hit the target, although with a well-placed .50AE, who needs 19 rounds of 9mm?!

If you’d like to include the Desert Eagle in your shooting experience, our expert team will set you up with your safety equipment, rounds, and a full operational briefing before unleashing the .50 caliber fury. Come down to The Range 702! It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

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Google Review
Will definitely be coming back!

Had a great time shooting the .50 Cal BMG and the Desert Eagle. Staff was very friendly and helpful, looks like they have great shooting supplies as well. Will definitely go back.

– Brendan U.
Great place, very informative, and professional!

Great time! Kevin was awesome great instructor he is badass.. Tyler the driver was fantastic he told us what to expect his experience with the guns his energy was great. Never fired a weapon until today. Thanks to the range 702 this won't be the last looking forward to coming back to Vegas and going back to the range 702. Great place very informative and professional this is a must visit spot if you want to fire weapon responsibility with trained ex-military professional skills..

– Dimitri M.
Highly recommend this place!

Excellent, the guide we had was awesome and really knew his stuff, and wow every type of gun you could imagine. Multiple packages available, with pistols and rifles, semi-autos and machine guns. I shot a Glock 17, a Desert Eagle, and M15, an AK47 classic and an M249 SAW. I recommend this place

– Deadlysteve