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How to Choose the Best Gun Safe for Your Home

Responsible gun owners will have purchased a gun safe long before their first firearm ever made its way home. An essential facet of gun safety is the safe storage of our firearms, but there is more to purchasing a gun safe than simply finding the heaviest box that you can bolt to the floor. Read on to uncover some of the considerations to make before investing in your next (or first) gun safe for your home.

Are Gun Safes Worth the Money?

Generally, you should always opt for a gun safe, and gun safes are absolutely worth the money. Not only do gun safes guarantee children and young adults cannot access firearms, but gun safes also protect guns from house fires, theft, and more. 

Are Gun Safes Bad for Guns?

Close up view of a Gun Safe Lock

Gun safes are not bad for guns. Gun safes actually are one of the best protections for firearms and ammunition. From theft, fire, and keeping guns out of the hands of children and minors, gun safes are the best option for all forms of safekeeping for your firearms. The best gun safes will also have climate control technology that will preserve firearms and keep them safe, dry, and ready for the Las Vegas shooting ranges.

How Do I Choose the Best Gun Safe?

Choosing the gun safe that is best for you, your family, and your personal needs for your firearms can be a daunting task. Below you’ll find a list of the best criteria to keep in mind when looking for your perfect gun safe.

  • Pick the best material for the gun safe. Ideally looking for higher-grade metals that are incredibly sturdy
  • Choose high-quality bolts, fastenings, and more when considering the best gun safe
  • Find a price that fits your storage and budget needs. NRA Family suggests a minimum budget of $1,200 to $1,500
  • Pick the dimension and size that best works for your gun-safe storage needs. There are different safes that work for both long firearms and smaller firearms like pistols or revolvers
  • Opt for climate-control seals on gun safes
  • Determine the locking mechanism that works best for your needs

What to Look for When Choosing a Gun Safe for Your Home

Gun safe with rifle inside and lock on the door

Finding a safe that meets the needs of safely storing your guns and keeping them out of the wrong hands is very important. Here are some things to take into consideration when purchasing a gun safe for your home.

1. Size

Just as parents tend to buy cars and houses based on how many kids they “plan” to have, you’ll want to invest in a gun safe that is big enough to hold all of your weapons, optics, rounds, and other gun-related accessories – with plenty of room left over as your collection expands. Sure, you’ll have to work within the constraints of your home – and you might have to convince a spouse that the 48-gun behemoth is the right safe for your needs, but go bigger than you think you need.

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2. Fire and Water Resistance

Many safes are nothing more than rugged, lockable steel boxes. While these are fine for many purposes, some of us want total protection for our valuable firearms and accessories. Safes are available on the market today that can withstand intense heat and soaking floods with ease. You’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of the various levels of protection, and it always makes sense to check your budget before you go shopping. More protection often equals more money.

3. Price

Yes, many of us teeter back and forth between a $100 safe and a $200 safe to protect $5,000 worth of guns. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a ton to get a quality safe, but a bargain basement model is probably putting your weapons at greater risk of actual damage or theft.

4. Locking Systems

Standard combination locks are reliable and simple. Biometric locks or electronic keypads are more costly, but they do permit quicker access to your weapons. If your safe doubles as the storage vessel for your home defense weapon – invest in a safe that has a locking system that will allow easy, no-look access to your guns in the event of a break-in or violent episode.

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Types of Gun Safes

It’s important to find a gun safe to meet all your firearm safety needs. Here are some of the best storage solutions depending on your situation:

Pistols and Handguns

  • Fort Knox FTK-PB – Home vault for pistols and handguns
  • GunVault NV300 NanoVault – Travel car and hotel vault that fits a full-size Glock 17 and 2 mags
  • GunVault SpeedVault – Small handgun safe for desk
  • SentrySafe QAP1Be – Biometric safe for pistols; Holds up to two guns
  • Vaultek MXi – High capacity safe that holds up to 8 handguns

Long Guns and Rifles

  • Stack-On 8-Gun Cabinet – Good starter safe that holds up to 8 long guns or rifles
  • Liberty Centurion – 12 to 24 long gun safe with a mechanical lock
  • Liberty Cabela’s Outfitter – #1 selling line of safes for large collections up to 48 long guns

Purchasing a Gun Safe is a Personal Decision

Open gun safe door with pistol inside

You know that you need one, but the prices vary wildly, the sizes can be intimidating, and the features can be confusing. When you’re ready to purchase, simply consult the knowledgeable individuals at your local, trusted gun store and you’ll be one step closer to selecting the gun safe that will meet the needs of you and your family for years to come.

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