Once you’ve decided to begin taking handgun training classes you’ll need to begin looking for a reputable instructor and an accommodating facility in which to train. But what are the key qualifications for both the personnel leading the instruction, and the site in which the classes are held? Read on to find out! When seeking the professional guidance of a shooting instructor, you’ll want to keep the following points in mind:

Your instructor should be a true professional

How the instructor carries him or herself on and outside of the range indicates a lot about their character. Select a shooting instructor who dresses appropriately and shows respect for the shooting sports (i.e., an instructor in ripped jeans and a t-shirt would not endear much confidence). A clean, neat appearance and an obvious care for any equipment used is a great first step.

Choose a Clear Communicator

This doesn't always guarantee an instructor who wants to be your best friend, but it will reinforce the student/teacher relationship and ensure that you are receiving clear commands.



Make sure that your instructor listens to you

Your concerns are valid. If a gun is uncomfortable to shoot or you’re not clear on how to establish correct sight picture, tell your instructor! Their ability to listen and help you make corrections is a big indicator of a true professional.

The shooting facility is also an important consideration to make. Make note of the following questions when you’re at your next shooting venue:

Pick a facility that specializes in training

Don’t think that the guy behind the gun counter who rings up your ammunition is guaranteed to be a training expert. Reputable training facilities invest countless hours in educating their workforce (or hiring highly trained external candidates) to guarantee a quality instructor.

Does the range offer a host of classes and shooting experiences?

You’ll want to try out several guns before making a purchase. Plus, a variety of tactical and practical shooting classes can help you achieve a higher level of proficiency with a range of guns.

Is the facility maintained to a high standard?

Are floors clean, are windows spotless, are restrooms glowing, and – most importantly, are the weapons and gear in good working order? The cleanliness of a gun range is a big indicator of the overall level of professionalism of the location.

When you’re looking for an expert instructor and a professional shooting range, keep the points listed above in mind. You’ll find that you will likely become a better marksman and you’ll have more fun in the process.