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What to Look for in Your Handgun Training Instructor or Facility

las vegas shooting range

Once you’ve decided to start handgun training classes, you’ll need to look for a reputable instructor and a facility where you feel safe and comfortable. But what are the essential qualifications you should be looking for in your instructor? How do you know you’re choosing the right person? When seeking the professional guidance of a shooting instructor, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Your Shooting Instructor Should Be a True Professional

If you do not have much experience with a handgun and want to improve your shooting skills, the first thing you should do is find a professional shooting instructor. Although a friend or family member may have good intentions by offering to teach you to shoot, it’s always best to learn the fundamentals of gun safety, shooting techniques, and how to handle your firearm from a trained professional. Once you have these basic skills down, you can work on improving your technique, accuracy, and speed at a reputable shooting range.

Choose a Clear Communicator

This doesn’t mean your instructor wants to be your best friend. A clear communicator will reinforce the student/teacher relationship and ensure that you are receiving clear commands. You should be able to understand your instructor and feel comfortable and confident when that person explains what you need to do.

Also, your concerns are valid. If a gun is uncomfortable to shoot or you’re not clear on how to establish a correct sight picture, tell your instructor! Their ability to listen and help you make corrections is a significant indicator of a true professional.

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Shooting Experience Matters

You’ll also want to ask about a shooting instructor’s experience as a trainer. For example, how long have they been a handgun training instructor?  Do they specialize in anything like helping new shooters gain confidence or improving accuracy? What types of guns do they work with, and does that align with the kinds of skills you’re hoping to learn? All these questions are vital to understanding whether an instructor is the best fit for you.

A good way to gauge a shooting instructor’s experience with students is to read reviews or testimonials of their classes. If they happen to work at a trusted indoor shooting range, you should be able to find reviews online or on their website. You can also call the range to learn more. This allows you to share exactly what you’re looking for in an instructor and ask if they have a recommended teacher who can help.

Consider the Instructor’s Teaching Style

As a student, your personal preference for teaching styles can play a big part in how well you learn new shooting skills. Every instructor will have their own style of teaching. Some may talk a lot to share as much information as possible. Others may prefer to go slow and let your hands-on training speak for itself. Some teachers are energetic and approachable, while others come across as more reserved and serious.

Depending on what makes you feel most comfortable, you should take these training styles into consideration when looking for a handgun instructor. The teacher’s approach will significantly influence your ability to pick up and retain the lesson.

a group of people standing in a room Ask About Class Size

Class size is another component of handgun training you should take into consideration. You might thrive in an environment with other new shooters like yourself for a shared training experience. Otherwise, you might benefit from 1-on-1 firearm training, where you will have your instructor’s undivided attention. Before booking your first training session, make sure you know how many students will be in the class with you and think about how this might affect you.

Pick a Facility That Specializes in Training

Don’t think that the guy behind the gun counter who rings up your rounds is guaranteed to be a training expert. Reputable training facilities invest countless hours in educating their workforce (or hiring highly trained external candidates) to ensure a quality instructor. Here are some questions to ask about the gun training facility:

Does the Range Offer a Host of Classes and Shooting Experiences?

To become a skilled marksman, proper training is a must. And if you’re ready to become a gun owner, you’ll want to try out several guns before making a purchase. Plus, a variety of tactical and practical shooting classes can help you achieve a higher level of proficiency with a range of firearms.

Does the Facility Have High Safety and Maintenance Standards?

When you enter the shooting range facility, are the floors clean? Is the lobby or check-in area organized? Are there safety signs and clear guidelines posted in visible areas? And, most importantly, are the weapons and gear stored safely and in good working order? The cleanliness of a gun range is a big indicator of the overall level of professionalism of the location.

Expert Shooting Instructors at The Range 702 in Las Vegas

When you’re looking for a handgun instructor and a professional shooting range to practice your skills, keep the above points in mind. Finding the right trainer and facility will help you build the fundamental techniques you need to quickly become a shooting expert. Even if you decide to take just one class while you’re visiting Las Vegas, it will set you up for future training classes and successful gun range sessions.

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The Range 702 in Las Vegas offers professional training sessions with our experienced instructors so you feel comfortable and confident when handling any firearm. To learn more about our classes or to book one of our exclusive shooting experiences, contact our team today!

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