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The 5 Best Gun Oils

Shooting and hunting are as much a part of American culture as going to football games and wolfing down over-priced hotdogs overflowing with all the fixings. Practicing proper gun safety and maintenance is key to ensuring you get the most out of your shooting experience. 

One of the most important things you must do to keep your gun firing (and looking) like new is to oil it regularly. So what are the best oils to use on your firearms? Continue reading to learn what to look for in a good gun oil and which gun oil lubes are the best on the market.

Why use gun oil?

You probably already know cleaning your gun is essential to preserving its functionality and luster, but what about oiling your guns? Not only does oiling them help keep all the moving parts moving, but it also helps prevent rust and corrosion, which can lead to malfunction.

As you can imagine, guns have many intricate moving parts. One of the main purposes of using gun oil is to prevent friction in the gun’s many actions. However, oiling your gun also prevents rust and corrosion from collecting, which can significantly degrade its functionality. 

Gun experts say you should use lubricant every time you clean your firearm and even before you shoot it. So, oiling your gun is as essential as cleaning it to preserve its function and appeal. If you must lube your weapon to keep it functioning properly, you need to know what’s best for your firearm. Take some time to learn more about gun lubes and which are the best on the market.

What is gun oil made of?

One of the things that separate gun oils from other lubricants is their unique composition. It’s designed to enable the oil to penetrate metal and form a polymeric film that protects it from the elements and extended or frequent use. According to the patent for gun oil lube composition, some of the main ingredients include:

  • Isopropanol
  • Heptane or a petroleum distillate
  • A mixture of viscosity modifiers, antioxidants, and reducing agents (including benzyl acetate and methyl silicone)

Most gun oils are highly toxic, with many of them being eye and even skin irritants. So it’s critical that you keep them out of the reach and curiosity of small children and pets. 

What should you look for in a good gun oil?

When looking for a good gun lube, you’ll realize quickly that there is no shortage of options to choose from. No worries — we’re here for you. 

One of the things you should look for when searching for the best gun lubrication to keep your collection looking and working its best is an oil that is infused with gun solvent. The gun oil lube will prevent friction in the moving parts as well as rust and corrosion, but gun solvent cleans lead fouling and removes dirt and debris from the bore. A gun lubricant infused with solvent provides the best return on your investment.

Also, if you’re a heavy shooter, you’ll want to look for more viscous oils, as they’re more capable of withstanding high temperatures and frequent or heavy usage. Now, let’s take a look at some of the top oils on the market.

What are the top gun lubricants?

As you can imagine, it was difficult to narrow this list down to five gun oils with such a plethora to choose from. However, we’re the best gun range Las Vegas has to offer for a reason. And honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the selections on our list. So let’s get to it!

1. Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil

Lucas Oil is a name much more prominent in the automotive industry than in the gun oil industry, but its gun oil is still one of the best on the market. It certainly lives up to its billing as an “Extreme Duty Gun Oil” with its ability to function in extremely hot and cold temperatures. 

Many oils and greases begin to melt at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil can resist evaporating in temperatures up to 600 degrees, meaning it can take the heat. And despite being designed to function in extreme conditions, it’s still eco-friendly, making it a pretty easy pick for our list of top gun lubrication options. 

2. Militec-1

Many expert shooters consider Militec-1 to be the cream of the crop of gun oil lube options. In fact, it’s one of the oils most commonly used by our military on their high-capacity machine guns, so it should more than suffice for any machine guns Vegas has to offer shooting enthusiasts. 

Militec is an excellent gun lubricant that works well on heavy-use firearms in extreme heat and dusty conditions like those here in Las Vegas. It’s been tested by our brave service people in some of the harshest conditions and comes out a champion.

If Militec is that good of a gun oil, what keeps it from topping our list? Its price. Many other options are more affordable and practical for firearms that don’t endure extreme conditions or heavy use. However, at any gun range that offers machine gun experiences, they’re probably using Militec-1 to maintain and protect their artillery.

3. Ballistol

Ballistol makes the list as another time-honored favorite. Its name is German for ballistic oil, and it’s been a trusted gun oil of the German military for generations. It’s great for cleaning and lubing your gun, and it also provides superior rust protection. Ballistol’s aerosol delivery makes it easier to apply to tight spots, and it emulsifies in water rather than washing away like other oils. Best of all — it’s environmentally safe!

4. Amsoil Synthetic Firearm Lube and Protectant

Amsoil is a brand typically associated with motor oil, and there are some hunters and gun enthusiasts who swear by motor oil for cleaning and lubing their firearms. But as its name suggests, Amsoil Firearm Lube and Protectant is formulated especially for guns. It serves as a decent gun lubricant and protectant.

5. Break Free CLP

Break Free CLP is quite possibly the most trusted synthetic, multi-purpose oil on the market. It’s designed to clean, lubricate, and protect your firearm from rust, and it does a great job at all three. Consider Break Free CLP a Jack of all trades and master of none, as it cleans, lubes, and protects well enough but does none of them exceptionally.

Using motor oil for guns

As we mentioned previously, many gun owners choose to use motor oil to lube and protect their pieces. While 10W 30 works fine as a gun lubricant, it lacks the additives that enable gun oils to penetrate metal and form a protective polymeric film. Furthermore, motor oil can lead to gunk build-up on the bolt and its carrier, causing jamming. 

So, while motor oil can work as a lube, it makes keeping your gun immaculately clean that much more critical. Truthfully, it’s best to stick with gun oils and greases for the best gun lubrication. Speaking of gun greases, we’ll tell you about a couple of the best ones on the market in the following sections. 

Gun Grease

Many people who live in climates that face extreme heat or whose guns see heavy usage prefer firearm grease to gun oil because of its viscosity. So, if you’re trying to find the best grease for guns, the next section is for you.

Black Rifle Field Balm

Black rifle field balm is a lightweight grease that looks like a fluid gel. You can use it on an assembled weapon, unlike Cherry Balmz’s standard black rifle balm, which requires the gun to be disassembled first. The field balm is less optimal than the traditional balm but is still an exceptional lubricant that only requires a few drops that will go a long way.

Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease

person using gun grease to lubricate pistol

Mil-Comm TW25B is another of the most trusted gun greases on the market. One of the first things you’ll notice about TW25B Grease is that a little goes a long way. Another great thing about it is that the application is simple because it doesn’t run, also making it a great option for your everyday-carry sidearm. 

There are plenty of great gun oils on the market, so do your due diligence to find the one (or two) that works best for you. If you own a collection of firearms, you might even notice that some oils work better for different guns than others.

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