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12 Best Guns For Long Range & Precision Shooting

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Whether you’re just diving into the world of long-range and precision shooting or are a seasoned marksman, reading up on the best rifles for long-range precision shooting never gets old. Were you looking for some of the best long-range rifles on the market? Follow along to learn all about the top precision rifles.

What is long-range shooting?

According to the NRA, long-range shooting starts by firing a rifle or other precision firearm at a target over 1,000 yards away. Defining long-range shooting can vary depending on who you ask. However, a sturdy definition of long-range shooting is the act of shooting a firearm at a far distance and having to account for environmental effects while pushing a gun to its limits.

What are the best guns for long-range shooting?

1. Ruger Precision Rifle

The RPR is available in 15 different models. Since its introduction, the Ruger Precision Rifle remains a favorite among many long-range shooting enthusiasts. The RPR is highly customizable and has a wide array of aftermarket parts available for each rifle. 

2. Bergara B14 HMR

The Bergara B14 Hunting and Match Rifle is manufactured in Bergara, Spain. The Bergara is a nicely balanced rifle that can be equally useful during a hunting trip as it is at a long-range shooting range. The Bergara is a well-balanced and relatively lightweight rifle that can be effective in match and hunting scenarios.

3. Tikka T3x Tac A1 Rifle

Founded in Finland in the 1920s, Tikka has over 100 years of gunsmithing experience and knowledge. Unlike other precision rifles, the Tikka T3x was not manufactured to imitate the design of other precision rifles. Tikka designed the rifle’s action and built the chassis and the rest of the gun around their particular action. You could say the Tikka T3x is a revolutionary precision rifle all on its own.

4. Howa HCR

Howa Machinery manufactures rifles in Japan and is one of the best quality rifles to be made in Japan. The Howa HCR has six different points of customizable options that make it a great rifle to customize for comfortable and precise shooting. 

5. Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD

The Remington 700 is a rifle that is so reliable and favored that its design has become the basis for most other rifle manufacturers. Used by many military and police branches, the Remington 700 is one of the most popular precision rifles. The Remington 700 has infinite aftermarket parts to customize your precision rifle endlessly. 

6. MasterPiece Arms BA Lite PCR

MasterPiece Arms is one of the most well-respected names in the precision rifle industry. The BA Lite PCR has multiple adjustable options to fit comfort and precision needs. MasterPiece Arms offers a completely customizable experience for their long-range rifles. It also boasts the most precise long-range rifle in this article. 

7. Daniel Defense Delta 5

The Delta 5 precision rifle, made by Daniel Defense, is a severe contender regarding quality and precision. The Delta 5 was painstakingly crafted from end to end with quality and accuracy in mind. Another exciting aspect of the Daniel Defense Delta 5 is that the barrels are user-interchangeable and can even be switched to handle different ammunition cartridges. 

8. Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle

The Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle is a precision rifle that is hard to beat. The Christensen Arms Precision Rifle also comes with a hefty price point. While the price of this rifle may not be suitable for everyone, the quality and precision of this rifle are hard to beat. 

9. Savage Model 10 BA Stealth

The Model 10 BA Stealth precision rifle from Savage is worthwhile and reliable. Known to Savage’s long-range rifles, the Model 10 BA Stealth includes their AccuTrigger, which allows the trigger pressure to be scrutinously customized. The Savage Model, 10 BA Stealth rifle, will remain reliable with precision firing. 

10. Remington 700 5R

The Remington 700 long-range rifle is so good that it appears more than once on this list of the best precision rifles for long-range shooting. The Remington 700 5R maintains a few critical differences regarding its barrel and the rate of twist. However, like other Remington models, the 700 5R is entirely customizable and can be made to suit any long-range marksman. 

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11. Savage Model 10/110 FCP HS Precision

Savage is an American company that manufactures its precision rifles in the United States. The Savage Model 10/110 FCP HS Precision is no different from the multitude of highly accurate rifles Savage makes alongside this model. Known to be an effortless and effective rifle, the Savage Model 10/110 utilizes the AccuTrigger technology developed by Savage. As it is relatively lightweight, this long-range rifle is an excellent addition to any shooting range or impromptu hunting trip.

12. Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Target Rifle

The Ruger Hawkeye rifle is a sturdy and accurate long-range rifle. While this rifle weighs in on the heavier side, it packs a punch for a precise shot. The Ruger Hawkeye is an excellent long-range rifle to bring to the range and knock a few targets.

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Whether you’re gearing up for a hunting trip, a visit to the shooting range, or a day at the firing range, finding the precision rifle that best suits your needs and preferences is crucial. The right rifle can enhance your shooting experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable. Thankfully, many of the rifles on this list are lightweight and highly customizable to fit any preference or situation. 

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