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21 Summer Adventures in Vegas

Most people know that Vegas is an excellent destination for gambling at casinos and world-class entertainment. No matter how you define the perfect day, you’re sure to find something to please your appetite. 

Whether traveling with other adults, on your own, or with your family, there are numerous things to do in the summer in Vegas right outside your resort. From amusement park rides and roller coasters to nightclubs and the chance to see A-list celebrities at popular venues, you can always find something new and exciting to do.  

So, if you are looking to experience more of what Sin City has to offer, you will want to check out these 21 summer adventures to enjoy during your vacation. 

1. Visit an Indoor Shooting Range

Have you ever wanted to shoot machine guns? Maybe you want to try out a variety of firearms, like handguns, assault rifles, or other exotic weapons. You can try them all at The Range 702, the largest indoor shooting range in Las Vegas

Best of all, you do not need any previous gun training. You can register for one-on-one training to learn how to shoot different types of guns before deciding what shooting experiences you want to enjoy, including private V.I.P. experiences. 

You do not need a weapons permit or to own a gun or ammo either. We provide you with all the rounds you need for any of the firearms you want to shoot. 


2. Take a Vegas ATV Tour

You can zip through the Nellis Dunes and other riding sites in the desert to catch some gorgeous views of the Vegas Strip and the mountains around the city. Just make your reservation with Las Vegas ATV Tours. They will set your entire party up with protective gear, ATV riding safety instruction for beginners, ATVs, and refreshments. 

3. Have Fun Wrecking Everything

Have you ever wanted to smash, bash, and destroy things to let your aggression out? You can in Vegas with a trip to The Wreck Room. Once your protective gear is on, you can go to town armed with crowbars, bats, and bowling pins and destroy everything in your path, including electronics, TVs, bottles, and more. You can even opt for the “Rage Room” package for you and up to five of your family members or friends. 

Are ready for a memorable summer experience? Try target practice at The Range 702. Contact us today to see what experiences we offer.

4. Play in a Giant Sand Box for Adults

This Las Vegas attraction should be on everyone’s bucket list. At Dig This, adults get to operate excavators and bulldozers while playing in a giant sandbox. Let your inner child out as you have fun operating heavy construction machinery. 

5. Learn How to Fly a Jet

You can fly a jet for fun or use those hours to earn a pilot’s license at All In Aviation or Sky Combat Ace. You can bring people with you or choose to go solo. While you fly the plane, your guests enjoy great views of Vegas, the Strip, and the mountains. 

6. Take a Helicopter Tour

If you want a great view of Vegas, the Strip, or the Grand Canyon from the ski, you can also book a helicopter tour. Be sure your phone or camera is fully charged so you don’t miss any photo ops. 

7. Visit Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Headquarters

A trip to Vegas is not complete for Marvel fans without checking out the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Visitors enjoy interactive exhibits, train to become a member, and see authentic props and costumes from the Avengers movies.  

8. Check Out Area15

Area15 is one of the best things to do in Vegas, with so much cool stuff to do in a single location. You can check out Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart immersive art exhibit, experience alternative realities, or enjoy the Lost Spirits distillery tour. There are also plenty of shops and dining options in this unique entertainment warehouse complex.

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9. Visit The Neon Museum at Night

If you are a Vegas history buff, you will not want to miss the Neon Museum. Guided tours feature plenty of old marquees and signs all in one location. There is even a half-hour video, music, and light show in the evenings.

10. Enjoy a Pool Party at a Day Club

Several Las Vegas hotels feature daily pool parties at day clubs where you can enjoy music, food, drinks, and get a tan. You do not need to stay at the resort to enjoy this experience. All you need to do is to pick up a day club pass to take part in the festivities.   

11. Take a Hoover Dam Raft Tour

The best way to experience the Hoover Dam is with a raft tour. Hoover Dam Rafting Adventures has special security clearance to get you as close to the dam as possible. You can choose between short and longer tour packages that include lunch, depending on how much time you have available. 

Need activities for a group? We got you covered at The Range 702. Contact us for group package offerings.

12. Enjoy a Cirque Show

If you have never experienced a Cirque du Soleil show, Vegas is the perfect place to check out several different shows on the Vegas Strip. There are six amazing and original shows currently in performance for you to enjoy during your summer vacation. 

13. Be Entertained While Dining at a Vegas Super Club

For a different dining and entertainment experience, you can enjoy multicourse meals, drinks, music, and cabaret shows during a supper club. Several options on and off the Strip are creating a new era of supper clubs

14. Experience a Foodie Walking Tour

Vegas has quickly become a food lover’s paradise offering a wide range of cuisines and dining options from some of the world’s most famous chefs. Best of all, you never have to wait for a table when visiting the restaurants on your tour with all-inclusive packages

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15. Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View of Vegas

If you are not into flying, you can still enjoy a bird’s eye view of Vegas and the Strip with a ride on the High Roller. Each observation cabin can accommodate up to 40 people. Another option to take in the sights is to enjoy a unique Happy Half Hour open bar cocktail experience in an observation cabin that accommodates up to 25 guests, 21 and over.  

16. Learn How to Throw an Axe

Another type of experience you can enjoy in Vegas is learning how to throw an axe at targets. You can also throw shovels, metal throwing cards, spears, tomahawks, and ninja stars. You can even drink beer or coolers for the perfect date night at Axehole Vegas

17. Drive Your Dream Car

If driving an exotic car is on your bucket list, Vegas is the place to do it. Several driving experiences put you behind the wheel of high-end exotic vehicles, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mclarens, and Porches, with plenty of photo ops to show off to your friends. 

18. Create Your Own Fremont Street Experience

One of the best things to do in the summer in Vegas is to take in everything available as you enjoy the Fremont Street Experience. You can zipline, watch the Viva Vision video canopy, see a summer concert during the Downtown Rocks concert series, or attempt the Royal Crawl, an adult drinking experience. 

Need to get off the Strip? Check out the largest shooting range at The Range 702. Contact us to schedule an experience.

19. Learn How to Skydive Indoors

Have you always wanted to skydive but are afraid of jumping out of an airplane? You do not have to soar above Vegas to experience the adrenaline-pumping, exhilarating experience of skydiving with a visit to Vegas Indoor Skydiving.  

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20. Explore Unique Museums

Vegas is one of the few locations where you can experience a variety of unique museums featuring exhibits you will not find elsewhere. For example, You could check out Real Bodies at Bally’s, which features real human specimens in the exhibits. Another great option is the Mob Museum, with three floors to explore as you learn about the history of organized crime and its influences from its birth to the present day. 

21. Take a Ghost Tour

If you are a fan of Ghost Hunters, one of the best things to do in Vegas is experience a ghost tour or ghost hunt. There are tours for families and spookier adults-only tours. You can even go on a Vegas ghost hunt and visit locations with known paranormal activity. 

A Las Vegas Summer Vacation You Will Remember

When you are ready to experience Sin City beyond the casinos, restaurants, and amenities at your resort, there are plenty of things to do in the summer in Vegas to create once-in-a-lifetime vacation memories. 

Thing To Do Near Me

Many of these summer adventures include complimentary transportation to and from your resort or are within walking distance. For example, we provide free transportation when you book your visit to our shooting range for gun training or to enjoy one of our VIP packages. 

Please feel free to contact the team at The Range 702 for further information or to book your visit today.