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Shoot a Thompson Machine Gun in Las Vegas

Thompson Machine Gun Shooting Experiences

About The Thompson Machine Gun

The Thompson Machine Gun has gone by many names during its storied history, ‘the Chicago typewriter’, ‘Tommy Gun’, and many more! It is a sub-machine gun, made famous, or infamous by Hollywood, as well those who favored it in history!

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Thompson Machine Gun at The Range 702

Learn More About The Thompson Machine Gun

Thompson Machine Gun at The Range 702

The Thompson Machine Gun is a .45 ACP caliber submachine gun with a 100-year history. Dating back to 1918, the Tommy gun gained notoriety during the prohibition era and was a favorite of both heroes and villains alike thanks to its high rate of fire and famous accuracy. Shooting a fully automatic Thompson Machine Gun is an experience like no other, with some variants reaching a rate of fire of up to 1500 rounds per minute!; this incredible gun puts a lot of large bullets down range very quickly! The Thompson has a very distinctive look, with its raked grip and fore end grips, as well as the wooden furniture, and possibly its most distinctive feature; the drum magazine.

With such a high rate of fire, it was necessary to have a high capacity, and so 50 and 100 round drum magazines were produced! The incredible history of this gun is part of what makes it so much fun to shoot, your shooting experience begins with a comprehensive safety brief from our highly qualified and friendly staff. They’ll set you up with everything you need, including your eye and ear protection, rounds, and of course a Thomson Machine gun!

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Google Review
Great shooting experience!

Great shooting experience here. I took my time shooting and I got to take pictures with each gun I was shooting with. The instructor was excellent and guided me through the whole experience. This is the best shooting range I've been to so far in Vegas. I've been to others but they seem to rush you and get you in and out be here they allowed me to take my time. Would highly recommend. Loved every minute as in UK we don't have such places.

– M. N.
Highly recommend!

It was mine and my boyfriend's first time shooting other firearms that have in the past. We each chose our own 3-4 different guns and rifles we wanted to shoot. We stayed in Vegas for a few days and decided to go to a shooting range for a fun date idea and it was the absolute best!! The staff was very accommodating and friendly, the location was great so we could get off the strip for a bit and do something else. I highly recommend this place, I can't wait to go back next year!

– Alexis Y.
Great experience with professional staff!

Great experience with professional staff. I have shot here before and liked the packages they offer. Spend a little extra and double up on your rounds!!

– Nattysimps