Shooting Range

Halloween at the Shooting Range

Shooting Range Rather than reliving the same Halloween experience year after year, head to a shooting range to flip your adrenaline switch and get you into character. Here are four unique shooting packages that will add a sense of high-octane fun to your Halloween:


They say girls just want to have fun… and we couldn’t agree more! This shooting package will help you live out your inner secret agent or femme fatale and is a great introduction to shooting. Opt for this package and unleash a fury of rounds from the barrel of a Springfield XDM handgun. Then, you’ll feel the thrilling punch of a fully automatic MP5 – the weapon of choice for special operators, bodyguards, and covert commandos. A range safety officer will provide supportive guidance on the safe and proper handling of all firearms.


What better way to celebrate Halloween than by saving the planet from an alien invasion? Put down that first-person shooter game and feel the punch of three unique, alien-blasting weapons as you work through an M4 carbine, one of the most popular battle rifles in use today, a fully automatic P90, and an MK23. These alien invaders won’t know what hit them, but you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice to take down any unidentifiable objects, flying or otherwise.


Quite possibly the perfect Halloween shooting experience, the Zombie Hunt will let you experience your apocalypse fantasies while blasting away the undead with a variety of weapons. Four unique firearms will be at your side to hone your shooting skills, so you can emerge as a survivor in a Zombie wasteland. Start with the fully automatic M4 for high-volume shooting before moving on to the audacious 12-gauge shotgun. Then, try an AK47 and a Glock pistol to ensure these Zombies won’t walk the streets any longer.

Zombie hunt


Think you’ve felt the rush of a Black Ops mission the last time you played a video game? Think again! This package is the real deal and enables you to step into the boots of a highly-trained special operations soldier to feel the adrenaline of a real mission. You’ll use the MP5 sub-machine gun, M4 carbine, SAW (squad automatic weapon), and the venerable Glock pistol. Gear up and get ready to complete your next mission like a true Black Ops soldier.

To get into the holiday spirit, buck the traditional Halloween celebrations and create an unforgettable shooting range experience instead.

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