Shoot a Machine Gun In Las Vegas!

There’s a lot of exciting things you can do in Las Vegas, but shooting a full-auto machine gun or .50 caliber rifle is on an entirely different level.

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International Visitors Welcome

From historic firearms like the M1 Garand, MG42 and Tommy Gun to modern cultural staples like the AK-47, M16 and MP5, we have it all. Over 40 different selections, including custom built options like our Quadzilla, are available. You can even fire a .50 caliber sniper rifle!

We host hundreds of international visitors every month, and our staff is specially trained to introduce firearms to those who have never handled one before. Safety is our first priority, and we put the comfort and experience of our guests above all else.

FREE transportation from your Strip hotel and back is included with every experience!

50 caliber sniper rifle at The Range 702 in Las Vegas

Featured Experiences

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bullet casings from the range702




All In Experience

The All In is a VIP shooting experience featuring the most powerful 13 firearms The Range 702 has to offer.
Range 702 Shooting Range Guide



Black Ops Experience

Put the video game controller down, get off your couch, and experience the real rush of a Black Ops Mission.


An AK47



One and Done

The affordable One and Done shooting experience allows you to take your pick of any one firearm from The Range 702’s arsenal.
unicorn machine gun and pistol

Can International Tourists Shoot Guns in Las Vegas?

Yes you can! The list of requirements to shoot on our range is fairly short:

  • Bring a Government-issued ID card or passport
  • Be sober; handling firearms while intoxicated is illegal in Nevada
  • Be at least 18 years old or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
  • Don’t be pregnant – we don’t want to be responsible for disturbing the buns in the oven

Full Auto Fun For Everyone


couples therapy the range 702



Couples Therapy

Perfect date for the adrenaline junky couple!
Two guns poised in front of a target at The Range 702.



Femme Fatale

This shooting package is for ladies who are new to shooting, or inexperienced.

πŸ’₯SALE πŸ’₯

two guns at the best gun range in vegas




Full Throttle Experience

The Full Throttle is an exciting shooting experience featuring 6 of the most powerful firearms The Range 702 has to offer, including the Spitfire Mini!

Group Experiences & Private Events

Visiting Las Vegas with a big group or interested in hosting a private event? We offer special VIP group experiences on our Private Range, with a VIP Lounge, hostess, private restrooms and dry bar. Whether you’re just looking to have fun with your group or host an unforgettable bachelor stag or birthday party, we’ve got you covered!