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Shoot a Smith & Wesson Governor in Las Vegas

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About The Smith & Wesson Governor

The Smith & Wesson Governor is a powerhouse handgun! This snub-nosed revolver packs a real punch, making an absolute blast to shoot.

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Smith & Wesson Governor

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Smith & Wesson Governor


The Smith & Wesson Governor is one of the most flexible revolvers on the market today. This amazing handgun accepts a variety of cartridges with zero modifications to the gun required. It is capable of firing .45 Colt, .45 ACP from a moon clip, and just in case you ever wanted to try firing a shotgun shell from a handgun, it will take 2.5 inch .410 gauge shotgun shells. That’s right, this revolver can fire shotgun shells, including slugs, buckshot and birdshot loads! The adaptability of the S&W Governor is what makes it a weapon that must be tried.

This gun is incredibly simplistic in its operation. It is single/double action, making it literally a ‘point and shoot’ gun. It features a six round barrel, regardless of the caliber that is loaded. For increased accuracy, the Governor also features a Tritium night sight with drift adjustment for windage correction. Should you choose the Smith & Wesson Governor for your shooting experience, you’ll be thrilled to know that The Range 702 staff will be with you all the way to set you up with everything you need, from rounds to safety equipment, as well as a full range safety briefing.

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Real relatable experts!

I attended the CCW class taught by Sarge and Stephanie. Not only did this make me far more comfortable with my decision, but I had more fun, and felt more myself with them and the other members of the class, than I have felt in years. Real relatable experts, who kept the entire time useful, interesting, and individually helpful. The range was also incredible, I will be coming back regularly to maintain my pistol skills!

– Nick S.
Great place, very informative, and professional!

I loved this place! It was great to get off the strip and really just let loose. The instructor was hands on and made me feel safe and we got a free shirt in our packet !

– Jasjuana W.
The best experience at a gun range.

The staff was very helpful, they assisted with our set up and answered all our questions. The best experience at a gun range.

– Faraway498185