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Gun Type: Exotic


  • Sober; Alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused the use of the range.
  • Not Pregnant.
  • Mentally Stable.
  • Minors must be at least 10 years of age to shoot, minors under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
  • Must have valid government approved ID with you on the day of shooting.
  • We require a deposit or full payment to confirm your reservation.
  • All reservations are non-refundable but are fully transferable for up to six months from the reservation date.

*All guns subject to availability.

The M1 Garand is a classic piece of American history. Developed by John C. Garand and adopted in 1936, it was used as the standard-issue rifle for the United States Army and Marine Corps during World War II and other conflicts. There are few experiences more rewarding than shooting an M1 Garand: From hearing its distinctive “ping” when an empty clip is ejected to feeling the recoil of a full power .30-06 when firing each round, it certainly lives up to its legendary status!

Experience the thrill of shooting the legendary M1 Garand

The M1 Garand Rifle is an iconic US service weapon that was used extensively during World War II. Featured in popular movies like Saving Private Ryan, shows like Band of Brothers, and video games like Call of Duty, the M1 Garand holds a special place in American culture. Not only can you experience the thrill of shooting this legendary rifle, but you’ll also get to appreciate its historical significance, up close and personal. Add the M1 Garand to your Las Vegas experience today!

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What is the M1 Garand?

The M1 Garand is an iconic semi-automatic, gas-operated rifle designed by American engineer John C. Garand, and was the standard-issue service rifle of the United States Army and United States Marine Corps during World War II and the Korean War. Chambered in .30-06 caliber and featuring an 8-round en-bloc clip, it was the first semi-automatic rifle to be widely issued to a modern military, replacing bolt action rifles that were still commonly in use. A semi-automatic rifle doesn’t require its users to manually work the action after every shot, which means that shots can be made much faster than with a bolt action rifle. The clip also made reloading much faster than many bolt-action firearms at the time.

Is the M1 Garand still used by the U.S. Military?

Yes, the M1 Garand is still used for ceremonial functions by some units in the U.S. Military. The M1 Garand is no longer used in combat or as a service weapon by the U.S. Military, as it was replaced in 1957 by the M14 rifle, and later by the M16 and M4. However, the rifle still serves as a ceremonial rifle for a handful of units, such as the United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, the Air Force Academy Cadet Honor Guard and others.

Where can I shoot an M1 Garand?

A M1 Garand at The Range 702

You can shoot an M1 Garand right here at The Range 702 in Las Vegas! The Range 702 is the largest indoor gun range in Las Vegas, offering really interesting historical experiences such as the MG-42 and M1 Garand to shoot. We also host various types of firearm training, including 1:1 instruction, CCW classes, Armed Guard classes and more!

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