Top Long-Range Rifle and Pistol Shots

Dating all the way back to establishment of the NRA in 1871, skilled marksmanship throughout history has made continual strides and advancements. Today, new rifle and pistol technologies combined with advanced shooting techniques have enabled some skilled shooters to reach new heights of accuracy at ranges far beyond what was believable just 10 or 15 years ago.

While some long-range shots can be chalked up to “fluke hits,” many precision shooters can reliably put rounds downrange into incredibly tight groupings. Here are some of the top long range pistol and rifle shots that demonstrate the extreme nature of today’s precision shooter.

The new world record for the longest shot was made on June 20, 2015. From a distance of 3,800 yards or more than 2.16 miles, Jim Spinella, and the HCR shooting team hit a 36” steel plate using a long-range 375 CheyTac rifle.

Shooting enthusiasts and legendary silencer builders, SilencerCo, participated in the Second Annual Quiet Riot PRS Match during March of 2015. They were able to demonstrate extreme long range accuracy coupled with innovative silencer technologies.

Shots were made at distances of nearly three-quarters of a mile, without any of the usual muzzle blasts one expects from a high-powered rifle shoot!

Lobaev Arms vies for the “longest shot ever” title with a 3,720-yard attempt using a massive SVLK-14 S rifle chambered in the potent 408 CheyTac round. Look at the huge muzzle brake and high-mounted optics that are common among long-range rifles.

This video demonstrates that long-range shooting is within the grasp of virtually any shooter, including those who only have a starter rifle or even a youngster with a .22-long rifle. Here, the shooter shows the diminutive .22LR can be quite accurate and long-range shooting techniques can be learned from a young age.

Handgun shooters worldwide know the name Miculek – and now he’s even more of a household name after completing an insane, 1,000-yard shot with a 9mm Smith & Wesson revolver. Best of all, it took all of two shots to complete the feat. 1,000 yards is an ultra-extreme distance for a rifle shooter, but for a handgun enthusiast that distance is beyond comprehension!

Let’s give legendary shooter Jerry Miculek another nod in the extreme handgun shooting area. This time, he takes a snub-nose revolver, itself a relatively simple weapon that is certainly not known for its accuracy, and makes a 200-yard shot – holding the gun upside down!

Jerry Miculek is at it again, this time firing off 27 9mm rounds through a 1911 pistol – amazingly, hitting the steel target with each shot! Though long distance shooters don’t necessarily stress speed over accuracy, Miculek proves you can have both!

A 400-yard shot, on target on the first attempt – and using a Smith & Wesson M&P pistol? This video is proof that any gun, even a semi-automatic pistol better suited for law enforcement than long range shooting, can be highly effective in the hands of the right shooter.

Accurate long-range shooting is one of the distinct skills enjoyed by most of our highly-trained armed forces personnel. It provides an advantage in virtually any tactical situation, and can be applied to civilian applications, too.

Hunters can deliver more humane kills, target shooters can compete more efficiently, and even novice shooters will enjoy greater satisfaction knowing their shot placement is more deliberate when long-range skills are employed. The first step in working towards a higher degree of long-range accuracy is to partner with a qualified trainer who can help you learn the skills and disciplines necessary.

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