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Shoot a G36 in Las Vegas

G36 Shooting Experiences

About The G36

The G36 is a modern automatic rifle, designed and produced by the legendary arms manufacturer Heckler and Koch for the Bundeswehr, or German armed forces, in the 1990s.

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G36 rifle at The Range 702

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G36 rifle at The Range 702


The Heckler and Koch G36 is a selective fire rifle, chambered for the standard NATO 5.56 mm round. This venerable rifle became the weapon of choice for the German Military and their quick reaction force as of 1997. It features an ambidextrous fire selector, with options for safe, semi auto and fully automatic fire. In full automatic mode, the G36 is capable of a cyclical rate of fire of up to 750 rounds per minute! The G36 feeds from a 30 round box magazine made from transparent plastic to allow the operator to quickly assess their remaining rounds.

One of the most unique features of the G36 is the folding stock, allowing an overall shortening of the weapon for operation in tight spaces. The exceptional performance of the Heckler and Koch G36 has led to its use in military groups worldwide. The HK G36 is very customizable, allowing for easy interchange of sights and fore end accessories, such as grips and lasers. Your shooting experience with us will take place in a safe and controlled environment. The highly trained staff at The Range 702 will guide you through the proper operation and range procedures before setting you up with your lane , rounds, glasses, ear protection, and most importantly, your HK G36! This will ensure you get the ultimate shooting experience while at The Range 702.

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Google Review
Very friendly and attentive staff!

The staff at the range was very friendly and attentive. They made learning how to shoot very easy. Also, Tyler, the driver, was the best. He went out of his way to create a great experience to the range and back to the hotel. He shared lots of information about Vegas. Thank you Tyler!!!

– Nadia O
Only range I'll go to in the valley!

This is the only indoor range I'll go to in the Valley. Been there a few times, went back there today with a friend who was visiting from out of town. Got a lane right away, and squared away with eye/ear protection. While shooting, I asked the clerk of they could install sights on a Glock I had with me at the range. He grabbed their in house Gunsmith, Mike, who came and asked to see what I had. I showed him the pistol with sights, he put them on right there at the counter and didn't charge me. Good group of guys there today, definitely would recommend this place to anyone looking to shoot indoor in Las Vegas.

– Dominic W.
Very surprised and happy!

As a last minute I decided to try and turn up and was very surprised - and happy - to be shooting within 5 mins! I met Graham, a fellow Brit who was awesome. I must admit I was expecting to have so much fun, I will pop back soon!

– 220bradyj