Armed Guard Training Classes

$150.00 on Mondays and Tuesdays (must take the class both days.)
Course of instruction required by Nevada Private Investigators Board.
Class conducted by PILB Certified Firearms Instructor. (CFI)

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  • This course is a 13 hour course as mandated by the State of Nevada.  The course is 8 hours in the classroom and 5 hours on the range.  This course includes how to safely carry your firearm on and off duty.  Laws of arrest, use-of-force, use of deadly force and much more.  You will be given classroom instruction as well as qualify on the range with the handgun you choose to carry.
  • You MUST re-qualify with your duty gun every 6 months at the range.  The Range 702 offers this for $25.00 plus rounds and target.
  • You must take the refresher course every 5 years and re-qualify to keep your card current.
  • Monday 10:30am to 4:30pm classroom training with an hour lunch.
  • Tuesday 10:30am - 3pm; range portion of the class with an hour lunch.


  • Each student must bring their own firearm and proper gunbelt, holster, with keepers and magazine/speed loader pouches/carriers.
  • Semi-auto users must bring at least 3 magazines.
  • Revolvers users must bring at least 2 speedloaders
  • Each student will require 250 rounds.  No steel-core, armor-piercing, tracer or incendiary rounds permitted.
  • Each student should bring a shooting mat or towel for use during prone shooting.  (Knee or elbow pads are recommended, but not required, also available for purchase.)
  • Students need to bring a money order payable to the PILB for $25.00 for the two day class.


  • Each student must bring a completed state employment verification letter to be admitted to the class.
  • Each student must bring a current “armed” or “unarmed” or “provisional” work card.
  • Upon successful completion each student will receive a certificate of completion, and qualification card.
  • Concealed firearm permit training is available in conjunction with this class.
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