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What Better Way to Say I Love You

Love Gun If you or your sweetheart are dedicated shooting enthusiasts, there are so many ways to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day without having to resort to the tired old standbys like store-bought chocolates, fuzzy slippers, or dinner at an overcrowded restaurant. In fact, the ideas listed below are not only perfectly suited to enthusiastic shooters, they can help spark up a little extra romance in couples who are still new to the world of guns. These gifts can help you start planning a Valentine’s Day to remember.


On the surface, it may sound less than romantic, but if you’ve ever seen the look in a gun owner’s eyes after opening a box filled with good quality rounds, it’s a sight to behold. Dress it up a bit by stashing several hundred rounds of his favorite caliber in a heart-shaped tin. Or, make her heart flutter by stacking boxes of rounds in unique shape and then top it off with a red bow.


Adding a new pistol, revolver, rifle, tactical weapon, or shotgun to the family is always good fun, but make an event out of it this year by taking your special someone to your favorite gun shop and let them select their Valentine’s Day present in person. That way, they can complete all the ownership paperwork appropriately, and if you take them to a fully-featured shooting range/gun store, they can often try before they buy.


Whether you and your sweetheart are experienced shooters or you are new to the sport, consider an immersive shooting experience this year to bring you closer together. Imagine standing next to each other and taking on a Zombie Apocalypse shooting course. Or lighting up the bad guys with a volley of 5.56mm rounds from an AR-15. You’ll not only have a blast experiencing various weapons and shooting scenarios, you’ll also bond with your date over the high-adrenaline experience.


Instead of plying him or her with a box of store-bought chocolates that you can find at a drugstore or supermarket, order a “gun-shaped” piece of chocolate that even comes in its own fitted case. There are plenty of places to find cool Valentine’s gifts. You just have to browse around if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional (read: boring) chocolate.


Ladies who are just as comfortable at the shooting range as they are at a boutique shop tend to love jewelry styled after popular guns, rounds, or outdoor themes. From tactical jewelry and adornments to simple gun-shaped earrings, you’ll find dozens of ideas to make her feel loved and cherished this Valentine’s Day… and she’ll look incredible wearing her new jewelry at the range!

This Valentine’s Day, make your special someone feel loved and appreciated by giving them gun-related gifts that will make their heart fill with joy!

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