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Shoot an MP5 in Las Vegas

MP5 Shooting Experiences


The Heckler & Koch MP5 is possibly one of the most distinctive weapons available today. This German, automatic gun has featured in countless movies and TV shows, and has a deserved reputation!

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shoot mp5 in las vegas

Learn More About The MP5

shoot mp5 in las vegas


The Heckler & Koch MP5 is a German designed submachine gun, its name literally translates from the German Maschinenpistole.

It has stood the test of time, varying little from the original design, developed back in the 1960s, and it remains a favorite of special forces, covert and law enforcement units to this day.

The H&K MP5 is chambered in 9 mm, making it cost-effective to train with, as well as remaining potent. The 9 mm parabellum round, combined with the small frame induce noticeable recoil, especially in full auto mode, so you‘ll really know you’re shooting a fully automatic submachine gun!

The MP5 is capable of accepting various accessories, including suppressors! It features a rate of fire of 700 to 900 rounds per minute, depending on the variant, regardless, the MP5 can sling a lot of lead down range in a hurry!

Your incredible shooting experience begins the moment you walk through our door. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will have you covered right away, setting you up with ear and eye protection, rounds, and the gun of your choice!

You’ll get a comprehensive safety briefing to ensure that you have the best possible experience in a safe surrounding.

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Awesome experience!

Great staff and awesome experience, my wife shot the MP-5 full-auto and I shot the famous Barrett .50 cal rifle!

– Sherpa67785449746
Fun and safe experience!

A Big thank you to The Range 702 team especially our instructor Nate! It was a fun, safe first experience shooting with my family. Black Ops package is where it's at!

– Sharde P.
Google Review
Great staff at Range 702!

The staff at the range were great, friendly and welcoming, explained the weapons to us and with the extra rounds, we bought it was great fun too. We fired 5 different guns with a group of us, the instructor was great and safety was always paramount as you would expect. Both Chloe who welcomed us and BJ the instructor were fabulous and it seems we made the right choice in booking with them.

– Gareth H.