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James & Renee Eger

In May 2017 my wife and I took the Archangel CCW class. Sarge, Stephanie and Lisa were the instructors for our class. We both thoroughly enjoyed the class. These instructors bring the perfect combination of instruction, real world knowledge & application and a healthy dose of reality all tempered with a bit of levity. We loved the presentation of the materials and we especially enjoyed the basic tactical drills that were the practical portion of the class. We will be back for additional classes in the future.


Kevin provided an outstanding course today, it’s obvious you have been at this for a long time. Not boring at all, the time went by fast. I’ve been hunting since 1962 and the course was humbling. The course encouraged me to look into more classes and donate some time towards volunteering. I’d recommend the course to any of my friends or family. I feel this course should be mandatory in order to receive a hunting license. -Rich

Albert & Ladies night

You guys have a great indoor firing range,very knowledgeable staff and friendly.(Thanks to OZZY) Compare to a different range. always be back here, specially we live close by...( I hope you guys have a great deal for a year membership for locals. Thanks again.

Michelle C

Range 702 is great! I stopped by while in Las Vegas and am so glad I did. There is no place in my hometown that offers anything like what Range 702 does. From the moment you get on their free shuttle to the moment you leave you encounter some of the most friendly and knowledgeable people in Las Vegas. My husband and I did the Zombiance package and it was well worth the money. This is a must see when you visit Vegas.

Roger Clement

WOW !!!! This was totally awesome, what a great experience ! We did the Black Ops package and it was so cool to feel the power of those weapons. Right from pick up to drop off was extremely professional. Our range office (Haley) was very informative and made our experience a memorable one. We're from Canada so we don't get opportunities like this. Highly recommended for everyone no matter where you're from. 5 stars out of 5 (maybe even 6) !!!!


This past weekend I was forced to defend myself from my stalker using my firearm. A few weeks prior to this incident I had taken your woman's only CCW class. I wanted to thank everyone involved for making that class available and there are zero doubts in my mind that knowledge I learned in that day saved my life. You're doing something great. Again, thank you.


Took the CCW class with Sarge and Stephanie, I must say, they are fantastic! They are very thorough, funny and professional. Both Sarge and Stephanie made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. It had been over twenty years since I handled any top of firearm. They explained everything in simple terms, made sure we understood how to be safe and didn't make me feel stupid for not knowing as much as more experienced shooters. Highly recommend 702 Range and CCW class!


I had a wonderful experience at The Range last week. My best friend and I decided to shoot some guns on our last day in Vegas, and we are so happy that we chose to go to The Range. The staff was very friendly and made us feel really comfortable. Special thanks to Gil, he was awesome and absolutely hilarious. We had a crazy time, and will definitely stop by again next time we're in Vegas!


Had a ball here shooting the MP4

Doc Mac

I would personally recommend this shooting range to everyone that either lives in Las Vegas – or – comes to Las Vegas. I have since signed up for one of their CCW gun classes just to help me remember some of the rules and laws that are on the books today. I plan on using ‘ The Range 702 “ more often – Thank you for the nice experience –

D.W. In Idaho

I had a great experience! I have been shooting as long as I can remember, but my first time with full auto. My range officer, Danny, was outstanding. He allowed me to shoot without getting in the way or going over details that were obvious to an experienced shooter. I would recommend and I will be going again. Thanks for the great time!

Eren Kaptan

Me and my friend had a warm welcome at reception and then greeted by our instructor Joe who was extremely patient and answered all our questions and made our experience complete. We had the full package and would recommend to anyone, thanks Joe!

Mr. McPhail

Tyler picked us up early at our hotel and dropped us off again when we wanted. Was a great guy and fun to talk to. Ask for him lol. Totally enjoyed our Area 51 package!! Everyone was super friendly and helpful with us gun novices. I will return next time in Vegas. What else can I say?


Today was my first time here. I am a local and have been to several other ranges in town....I must say that this range was the best. The personnel do not treat you like it's your first time but you know they are there is they are needed. Even though I am a woman they treated me with respect...great job. I am going to get the membership package! Can't wait.

Tracey North UK

Our instructor Ian was informative, patient and made us all feel comfortable as we had never shot before. An amazing adrenaline rush, an experience I will never forget but will be repeating. Thank you Ian

Punvit Beckett

Had to renewal my CCW. I've decided to go to The Range 702, Stephen Mcminn was great and very helpful in reminding me about all the rules and regulations. Thanks again!!!

Tim F

I just finished taking the CCW class at Range 702. I chose this class over all the others available in Vegas due to all of the positive reviews and I am very glad I did. The instructors, Sarge and Stephanie, are the best in the business. They make the class fun and enjoyable by instilling real life stories and scenarios along with their extensive knowledge. The range qualifying it not just your cookie cutter, by the book CCW qualifying. No way, that is not how they operate. You get much more real life, tactical training on the range. The whole time I felt that safety was put first and foremost and that Sarge, Stephanie, and Lisa were all there to help. The 8 hour class went by quickly and was thoroughly enjoyable. I talked my wife's ear off during dinner because I could not stop talking about the class. If you are looking to take the CCW class or any other firearms training you shoul not look anywhere other than Sarah and Stephanie's way. I will be taking additional tactical training classes with them in the future. Remember, like Sarge says, "DONT SCREW THIS UP"

Sterling DeLautre

Had a great time at the Range 702 with my 2 nephews. Our instructor Janis was amazing! My youngest nephew had never fired a weapon before and she was very patient with him while giving excellent instruction on safety as well. Am definitely going back again soon. Friendly staff and clean shop.

Uel Gardner

Weaponcraft LLC
I took the Nevada CWP class today and it was excellent. As a professional firearms trainer from back East who was in need of a Nevada permit for work travel, I thoroughly enjoyed the professionalism and positive learning environment provided by Stephanie and Sarge! There were a number of new shooters as well as several of us with significant experience. Everyone was treated well and with respect; the level of learning was appropriate for everyone in the group. I highly recommend that if you want no-nonsense realistic training from folks with real-world experience (with a good sense of humor added), that you get your CWP training here!


Just took the CCW course with Sarge and Stephanie, was an awesome experience! Learned a lot of new drills to work on. I recommend it to anyone needing cow or renewals

Billy and friends

I was here on 6/28/2014 and was amazed at how professional and friendly the staff was. Two of my friends had never fired a weapon before but they were expertly trained and it was a great day for all of us. We will be back!

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