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Shoot a 50 Cal Sniper Rifle in Las Vegas

50 Cal Sniper Rifle Shooting Experiences

About The 50 Cal Sniper Rifle

The 50-caliber Barrett M82 is the standard army-issue rifle with the most manageable recoil for a weapon of its size. This powerful short-recoil, semi-automatic sniper firearm is capable of taking out enemies from as far as a mile away!

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Barrett M82 50 cal sniper rifle

Shoot The 50 Cal Sniper Rifle in the Following Experiences

Learn More About The 50 Cal Sniper Rifle

Shooting a 50 cal sniper rifle at The Range 702


If you’re looking to fire a powerful military sniper rifle, the Barrett M82 is the perfect choice. With an impressive maximum effective range and superior precision, shooters can enjoy the accuracy, acceleration, and capability of this weapon with limited recoil due to the weapon’s weight and large muzzle brake. The rifle’s receiver is made up of upper and lower parts which are stamped from sheet steel and connected using cross-pins. The weapon also has a heavy, fluted barrel that maximizes heat dissipation while saving on weight.

The M82 is equipped with a folding carrying handle, a folding bipod, a scope mount, and in case the glass scope breaks, folding iron sights for backup. Our highly knowledgeable staff has extensive experience with this weapon and are ready to get you set up by walking you through the process, safety procedures, and proper operation of the sniper rifle for your thrilling M82 shooting experience at The Range 702!

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Definitely coming back!

Had such an amazing experience here! Bri was the one the helped us during our visit. She was very friendly, attentive, gave us tips on how to shoot and hold the gun properly. Overall great customer service and she seemed to have lots of knowledge about the guns. I was able to shoot the 50 Cal and boy does that gun make your hair fly, literally. My best friend was a bit scared as it was her first time and Bri was able to walk her through the steps of shooting and make her feel really comfortable. I will definitely be back and I'll be asking for Bri again as she made that one unforgettable experience. Thanks again Bri!

– Leisha K.
Google Review
Helpful and friendly staff!

This place is great! I went to shoot some rounds and the staff was helpful and friendly. I appreciated how clean and organized the place is. I also took the CCW course with Sarge and Stephanie. If you haven't taken a class you should. I was very happy with the information and presentation. Keep it up guys!

– Ryan B.
Highly recommend this experience!

What can I say? Absolutely loved it! From the excellent taxi service to the quality customer service & of course the firearms on display to use. Had a total of three firearms to use with the booking, Mark 23, P90 & the H9 all handled expertly by Todd our instructor. To say, myself & friends have never fired any weapons of any kind. To be able to fire handguns & machine guns was quite a thrill. To finish the day off in style I was able to get my hands on a Barrett .50 BMG assault rifle which was just awesome! Can not recommend this experience enough, just do it. Brilliant!

– A4826KAdavidb
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