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Shoot an AR-10 Sniper Rifle in Las Vegas

AR-10 Sniper Rifle Shooting Experiences

About The AR-10 Sniper Rifle

The AR-10 sniper rifle is an air-cooled, gas operated assault weapon that is best known for its lightweight and high cyclic rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute!

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ar-10 sniper rifle at Range 702

Shoot The AR-10 Sniper Rifle in the Following Experiences

Learn More About The AR-10 Sniper Rifle

ar-10 sniper rifle at Range 702


The AR10 is an impressive rifle originally designed in 1954 that uses aluminum alloy to extensively cut down on unnecessary weight. Without a magazine, this powerful weapon only weights about 8 lbs! The AR10 also stands out because the propellant gas bleeds through a cylinder that runs parallel with the gun barrel which then impinges the bolt carrier mechanism. This results in a very high cyclic rate of fire, which is upwards of 700 rounds per minute with this weapon.

The AR10 fires the NATO standardized 7.62x51mm cartridge in detachable box magazines that hold 20 rounds each. If you’re looking for an awesome sniper shooting experience with a lightweight gun, the AR10 is the perfect option. Come get the ultimate shooting experience at The Range 702. Our team of experts will set you up with a thorough safety briefing, protective gear, and your AR10 sniper rifle!

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Google Review
Very friendly and helpful staff!

The staff was awesome and very helpful. My mom was scared and the staff member stayed with her until she got comfortable and explained what was going on to her. The facility is very clean and there's a gun store along with a snack bar and tables/couches. Prices are good. We did a family outing here and had a BLAST. Will return, highly recommend!

– Elana P
Definitely will be back!

Our instructor was just the best. Transportation to and from our hotel was quick, clean and included. You can drop $250 on many things in Vegas, but this is really unique and a decent value for the experience. My politics haven’t changed, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! I will be back. No question.

– RTRupp
Can't wait for my next range day!

The ventilation in this range is outstanding. This is probably the cleanest range that I've been to and I'm pretty sure it's the only indoor range that I would recommend. The staff is very knowledgeable and puts safety at the top of their list... perfect for first-time shooters. I can't wait for my next range day... lord knows I already feel like it's been too long.

– Bj U.

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