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Shoot a MG42 Machine Gun in Las Vegas

MG42 Machine Gun Shooting Experiences

About The MG42 Machine Gun

The German Maschinengewehr 42, known as the MG 42, was designed in Nazi Germany as a general-purpose machine gun and used mainly during World War II. This weapon is known for its high accuracy and ease of operation.

MG42 Machine gun at The Range 702

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MG42 Machine gun at The Range 702


The MG42 is known as a highly reliable and easy-to-operate machine gun that was extensively used by the German army during World War II. For a gun that uses full power service cartridges, this weapon stands out for its unusually high cyclic rate averaging about 1,200 per minute. The MG42 makes a distinctive sound when fired, leading to many nicknames including the “singing saw” or “bone saw.” This air-cooled, belt-fed, open bolt weapon is a lighter version of its machine gun predecessors making it more portable and versatile. The functionality of this weapon had an obvious influence on other gun designs, including the M60’s belt-feed mechanism and the FN Mag’s trigger mechanism. You’ll definitely want to try firing this machine gun if you’re looking to experience the capabilities of a historic and influential firearm! Book your exclusive MG42 shooting experience at The Range 702 and our expert staff will get you set up with everything you need.

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Great customer service!

Very professional and great customer service

– Javone R.
Lots of packages to choose from!

Awesome range. Great people and great experiences. Lots of packages to choose from. Great to be able to unwind and take out some targets.

– Jason G.
Great assistance from staff!

Attended the Range with my brother and his sons and father-in-law for our first time (my brother’s second) and had a great time. Super equipment and assistance from the staff. As a car Moody’s novice who’d never even touched a gun before, it was very interesting and exhilarating, and at 60 (this was a birthday thing for me!) it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to make some noise!!

– Renata H.
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