Pistol Performance

Pistol Performance Training The Range 702

Class Details:

Price: $200.00 per person

This course will take a methodical, yet innovative approach to shooting by implementing biomechanical efficiency into your shooting fundamentals. The result is a higher level of instinctive performance that will transfer over to all disciplines of shooting on any weapon platform.

Topics Covered:
Action stance, high performance grip, acceptable sight picture and alignment, trigger control, and a performance draw that incorporates all training elements to develop efficiency of movement in order to achieve the desired marksmanship performance.

Sundays & Tuesdays :10:00am* - 6:00pm

*NOTE: Doors open promptly at 10:00am for CCW class attendees only. Doors close immediately after all attendees present at 10:00am are in the facility and do not re-open until normal business hours (10:30am). If you are not onsite at 10:00am, you will miss the class.

Things you'll need to bring to class


Holster (kydex style)

Magazines (2)

Magazine pouches

Ammunition (200 rds.)




Eye and ear protection (provided if needed)

Gear bag

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