Intro to Handguns Class

Introduction to Handguns

Price: $100.00 per person

Duration:2 Hours (45M classroom, 75m on private range)

This course is structured for the first time firearm owner and novice level shooter to learn core safety rules and how to operate their firearm in a safe capacity whether at home or on the range. The objective is to know and understand the universal firearm safety rules and be able to safely load, unload, and fire a pistol to achieve accurate hits on the intended target.

Topics Covered:
Universal safety rules, firearm function, manipulation, and shooting fundamentals to safely own and operate a pistol.

Things you’ll need to bring to class:
Ammunition (100 rds.)

Recommended items but not necessary:
Eye and ear protection (provided if needed)
Holster (kydex style)
Magazine pouches
Gear bag

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