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Exotic Firearms at the Range

Experiencing one of a kind guns and unique firearms is a major benefit of spending time at a world-class range like The Range 702.

Just like weekend-warrior mechanics love to spend time modifying their hot rods and muscle cars, firearms aficionados also enjoy creating new and uniquely customized weapons to enjoy at the shooting range or when out in the field. And, the ability to shoot one of these custom guns is a real treat and possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At Range 702 in Las Vegas, you’ll find several unique guns that must be experienced in person to be truly appreciated, including the MG42 machine gun, the .50-caliber sniper rifle, and the custom Quadzilla machine gun. Let’s take a look at each gun to help you plan your next visit.


This WWII-era weapon was referred to as “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” during the Great War, as it boasted a rate of fire that was two to three times as high as any Allied machine gun in use at the time. This devastatingly efficient gun was truly feared by the opposition and sends as many as 1,200 rounds of potent 7.92x57mm Mauser rounds downrange per minute. You can experience a true piece of history when you fire the MG42, one of the most interesting guns available at The Range 702. This weapon was also a big reason the German army was so effective at short to medium-range combat operations.


If you’ve never felt the hearty recoil or witnessed the throaty sounds emanating from the Barrett 99 you’re in for a treat. The .50-caliber rifle round is a massive cartridge, capable of taking out the enemy at distances of a mile or more. And, the standard Army-issue weapon that fires this potent round is the incomparably-cool Barrett M82. Fired from a bench rest using the standard bipod, this semi-automatic, 30-pound rifle barks back with an authoritative report and a firm but manageable level of recoil. Visit The Range and see what it feels like to fire one of these incredibly powerful sniper rifles. Fire off several .50-cal rounds and take out the enemy – it’s an unforgettable experience and a one-of-kind gun to hold in your grasp.


For a truly unique firearm experience, fire the Quadzilla, a pintle-mounted multi-barrel machine gun that is essentially four separate M4 (standard Army issue carbine) receivers mounted together to deliver a combined rate of fire at incredible 1,400 rounds per minute. The gas-operated, magazine-fed machine gun uses four separate rotating bolts to handle all that firepower and is beautifully crafted of rugged 7075 aluminum alloys, with steel barrels, bolts, and bolt carriers. It uses a spade grip and butterfly-style trigger, and is aimed using an anti-aircraft gunsight! This unique firearm is one you’ll never forget and will go to the top of your list of interesting guns that you’ve had the honor of shooting.

Visiting The Range 702 puts you front and center with some of the most exciting and innovative firearms in the world. They are available for you to check out firsthand upon your next visit!