Armed security guard with his hand on his handgun in holster

Becoming an Armed Security Guard in Nevada

Armed security guard with his hand on his handgun in holster

Armed security guards protect people and property. The state of Nevada gets tens of millions of visitors1 per year. Federal, state, and local law enforcement do their best to maintain order. Still, it also helps to have security guards at specific places or high-traffic areas for much-needed additional safety.

What Is an Armed Security Guard and What Do They Do?

Armed security guards are professionals who finish proper training in carrying and handling weapons safely. They provide protection and defense for people, property, businesses, and events and are qualified to use lethal force when necessary.

Certain businesses that offer valuable products and services may require security to operate safely, such as:

  • Retailers
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing and industrial companies
  • Retirement communities
  • Hotels

In some cases, a visible armed security force is an effective deterrent against criminal activity. In other cases, armed security may be reserved only for high-risk circumstances and asked to remain discreet.

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What Are the Training Requirements To Become an Armed Security Guard?

To become an armed security guard, the first thing you have to do is get a registration guard card from the Private Investigator Licensing Board (PILB) of Nevada.

You also need to pass the security guard exam with a 100% score to get a guard security license. Candidates are then required to complete firearms training to learn how to carry a gun safely.

Complete application requirements include the following:

  • Being 21 years or older
  • Have a legitimate Social Security number
  • Have legal status as a citizen or alien inside the United States
  • Possess no felony convictions
  • Have no criminal background involving the use of illegal weapons
  • A passport photo to submit
  • Maintain a current driver’s license for the state of Nevada
  • Have two fingerprint cards to submit
  • Pass a background check successfully

What Types of Firearms Do Armed Security Guards Use?

3 pistols with bullets

Armed security guards use sidearms known as handguns. These can be semi-automatic pistols or revolvers. To qualify to be an armed security guard in Nevada, you will need your own duty weapon and 150 rounds of ammunition for the range portion of the course. You’ll also need to re-qualify your firearms training with your duty weapon every six months during your active career.

Even though armed security guards, by definition, are permitted to use duty guns, they might also utilize or carry non-lethal weapons such as:

  • Baton/nightstick
  • Stun gun/taser
  • Pepper spray

How Much Is Armed Guard Training?

You can reserve your spot at our own two-day armed guard training course at The Range 702 in Las Vegas for $200.

This course takes a total of 13 hours to complete, including 8 hours of class time and 5 hours on the range. You will also need to bring a money order for $25 payable to the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board.

Upon completing the mandatory training, actual application fees for an armed security guard license range from $85 up to $129 depending on how your fingerprints are submitted and whether or not you request expedited processing.

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Where Do You Get Your Armed Guard Certification?

Given that armed guards carry weapons, armed guard training courses often happen at an indoor gun range where you can practice firing a gun in a safe and controlled environment. You will need to bring certain equipment and documents to participate. In general, here is what you’ll need:


To attend the armed guard training class, you’ll need:

  • Your own firearm and gunbelt with holster, keepers, and carriers.
  • A minimum of three magazines for a semi-auto or two speedloaders for a revolver.
  • At least 150 rounds, but do not include anything incendiary, tracer, armor-piercing, or steel-core.
  • Towel or shooting mat for prone shooting.


You’ll also need to bring two documents to our course to participate:

  1. Completed state employment verification letter
  2. Current work card stating armed, unarmed, or provisional

Final certification happens through the PILB, but you can complete this easily after finishing armed guard training at The Range 702. You’ll receive your certificate of completion and a qualification card after our training course.

After that, you’re ready to work! Depending on the job, you may be required to complete annual in-service training at a firing range to keep your skills sharp.

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Gun instructor at shooting range

Becoming an armed security guard can be a rewarding career. Knowing that you are protecting people and preserving order in the community is something to be proud of. Sign up for the armed security guard course at The Range 702. Our skilled instructors will help you develop the skills needed to become a successful armed security guard in Nevada.


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