You’ve decided to visit the gun range for the first time – bravo! Many first time shooters report that they were quite apprehensive about shooting a gun for the first time and were pleasantly surprised after their first visit to The Range.

Though guns must be respected at all times, there is nothing to be afraid about when shooting a safe gun at a reputable shooting facility – especially if you’re able to shoot with an experienced firearms instructor. To help make your experience as fun and rewarding as possible, we’ve assembled a list of ten tips for first time shooters:

#1: Take a Firearms Safety Class Before You Ever Pick Up a Gun

Before you decide to go shooting at a gun range you should look into taking a gun safety class. It is extremely important to get a hands-on look at gun safety and how firearms function long before you’re standing at the firing line.

#2: Pick Up Good Fitting Eye and Ear Protection Before You Visit the Range

While you can rent these at most gun ranges, you’ll want to make sure that yours fit perfectly.

#3: Find an Instructor at Your Local Range

Let this individual know your skill level and what you’re looking to accomplish when you visit the range for the first time.

The Range 702 offers multiple gun safety classes for the inexperienced shooter to become familiar with firearms and safety.

Call the Range to learn more about our available classes and which ones would be the best fit for your experience level.

#4: Learn How to Square Up Your Sights

Simply putting the front blade into the notch of the rear sight isn’t enough. You need to learn how to properly square up your sights and develop a consistent sight picture when engaging a target. You’ll want to understand how to hold the gun in relation to your body and how to reacquire a sight picture after the gun recoils.

#5: Develop a Consistent and Repeatable Grip on the gun.

The main support hand doesn't need a vise-like grip on the gun, but the supplemental hand (the left hand for a right-handed shooter) should exert firm pressure on the grip of the gun.

#6: Choose the Right Caliber as a New Shooter.

It makes no sense to belly up to the range with the latest bear-slaying magnum revolver in tow – you’ll have little fun and the overall experience of shooting will be marred by sore hands and blistered fingers. A smaller caliber semi-auto pistol is a great choice for most new shooters.

#7: Expect It To Be Loud

Most new shooters are shocked to find out how noisy an indoor shooting range can be – and that’s even when using quality ear protection. Part of the preparation as a new shooter is to prepare for this noise, as well as the concussive blast that accompanies each pull of the trigger.

#8: Learn How to Squeeze the Trigger

Dry fire the gun in a safe environment and only after you have determined it is unloaded. This will help you learn the nuances of the gun without compounding the blast of the firing gun.

#9: Ask Questions from the Experts

Never be afraid to seek expert advice when you feel it is warranted. Guns are complex tools and can be deadly when used incorrectly. Gun specialists love to talk shop with new shooters, so take the time to connect with seasoned shooters who can give advice that is learned over the years.

The Range Safety Officer would be more than willing to answer any questions you have and even suggest shooting classes to help you become more familiar with firearms safety and training.

#10: Have Fun

There is no feeling like shooting a gun, and the experts at The Range 702 in Las Vegas can help you create a memorable and rewarding experience the first time you pull the trigger.