Concealed Carry Performance Training

Concealed Carry Performance Training

Price: $250.00 per person

Duration:4 Hours

Concealed Carry Performance

This course will take the elements of performance shooting and apply it to the real world task of concealed carrying. The objective is to develop draw techniques for varying types of concealed carry options and clothing styles that can be applied to defensive situations of unpredictable circumstances.

Topics Covered:

Combat Marksmanship – Form the optimum balance between trigger control, sight alignment, and speed for maximum effective combat accuracy to neutralize the threat.

Draw from Concealment – Develop an efficient draw with various techniques used with any concealment holster and clothing style combination that will decrease the time it takes to get sights on target.

Reload from Concealment – Perform a reload that will get you back in the fight as fast as possible without compromising efficiency or situational awareness.

Other topics include multiple threat engagements, shooting from behind cover, and shooting from retention.

Things you'll need to bring to class


Holster (concealed carry type)

Magazines (2)

Magazine pouches (concealable)

Ammunition (300 rds.)

Jacket, vest, or button style shirt for cover garment

Notebook and Pen


Eye and ear protection (provided if needed)

Gear bag